The Best Ways To Cleanse, Charge, + Activate Your Crystals

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Scarcely anyone can deny that there is a recent uptick in millenniums turning to ancient healing modalities. From chakra healing, yoga, and chi to crystal healing, it seems like the wisdom of our ancestors has finally been acknowledged and put to good use. Working with crystals is extremely fun and brings positivity to your body, mind, and spirit while squeezing out the negative energy trapped inside. This makes your body capable of manifesting everything you desire.

Although healing crystals have an infinite energy source packed within them, like all other equipment, their maintenance is necessary for optimal working. So, learning about cleansing, charging, and activating your crystals is essential.

How to cleanse your crystals

When you engage with crystals, they act like a vacuum, sucking out anything and everything detrimental to your beautiful aura. So, when you finish working with them, it is advised to empty the vacuum bag. Therefore, purifying your crystals is an integral part of your healing process.

  • Water can cleanse the crystal of any bad energy and restore it to its earthly state. Although submerging crystals in running water (like a stream or canal) is a good cleansing option, submersion of these stones in salt water enhances this process. Salt has absorption and banishing quality.
  • You can revive your crystal’s natural energy by cleansing it with the smoke of the sacred plant. Smudge your crystal with a sage or Palo Santo stick. Make sure that the smoke of sage touches your crystal. You can also amplify the smudging by repeating power intention like “I program this crystal to amplify self-love” One important thing to remember is to always do it in an open area or, if you’re doing it in a room, open all windows and doors so the smoke can go outside.
  • Rice also can soak out the negative energies from gemstones. This process is specifically beneficial for protective crystals like black tourmaline. Fill a bowl with dry rice (brown rice is preferred). Bury your crystal into them. Make sure not to consume the rice after you take out the crystal, as rice has absorbed all the bad energies trapped in the crystal.

How to charge your crystals

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Although the cleansing process removes the harmful and trapped energies from the crystals, it is vital to return these crystals to their original form. Crystals work best when they are activated, and to activate, their return to the original condition is necessary. This resetting process is called charging the crystals.


The full moon is the most powerful phase in the lunar cycle, which works wonders when it comes to charging crystals. Charging crystals through the moon can be done in two manners. The first one is to place your crystal outside under direct moonlight overnight. Secondly, you get the extra benefit of water by making moon water. You can soak your crystal in moon water for a few hours or pour it over the stone to charge it.

Stones like selenite, malachite, and calcite are porous, so they can’t tolerate becoming wet. Placing them under the moonlight will be your best option.


As crystals come from the earth, returning them to this farm of theirs can bring them to their original state. Simply take a jar, put some soil in it, place your crystal inside it, and then add more soil to cover the crystal inside it. Cover the pot and bury it in the ground. Mark the place where you have planted the jar. Take it out after a day, and your crystal will be recharged.


Sound healing is another powerful technique for crystal charging. Use a singing bowl, tuning forks, or any other instrument whose sound vibration can envelop the crystal and bring its vibration back to its original state.

Powerful ways to activate your crystals

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When crystals soak up enough negative energy, they fail to give in positive energy. Typically, after cleansing you can really feel the revitalized energy. However, consider it like this. Your crystal is cleansed and energized, now you need to activate it. So, to get the positive benefits from your crystal, you first need to expose it to natural energies or lend some of your own to jump-start it.

Crystal Grid

A crystal grid is one of the most powerful ways to activate your crystal. Before starting this process, place a few crystals in a cloth (preferably microfiber). Now, you need to form a circle with crystals and place the crystal that needs to be activated in the center. The natural positive energies emitted by the surrounding crystals will be absorbed by the center one, amplifying its own power and treating all its disruptions. Let the crystal stay in the center for 4-6 hours, and then wipe it with the cloth that contains the crystals.


Mediation is a powerful way to lend your positive energy to the crystal, which in turn will activate it. If you have ever wondered how to charge your crystals with intention, you will also get the answer here. Activate your crystal by holding the crystal in your right hand while you meditate and focus. Repeat your intention in your mind and visualize your energy along with the intention, coursing through your arms and fingers into the crystal. You can also activate the crystal by holding it at your third eye chakra or heart chakra and concentrating all your energy into that chakra.

The longer we hold crystals in our custody, the more energy accumulates. Clear your stones every month to ensure they are not harboring any residual negative.

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