The Best Crystals for Fertility & Pregnancy

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Crystal therapy has been in practice for thousands of years, and people have used crystals for improving fertility and helping in pregnancy. It was the tradition to hold certain crystals in your hand for hundreds of years as you go into labor to conceive healthy babies. Wondering whether these crystals for fertility and pregnancy still work in today's world? Yes, they do, and there is sound science behind it.

Can Crystals Help with Fertility?

Every crystal emits smooth and delicate energy that boosts vitality. Similarly, fertility crystals emit energy that gives a boost to fertility. Every crystal has distinct electromagnetic properties that encourage the body to correct imbalances or blockages that may be limiting fertility. Moreover, fertility crystals also protect the body and mind during pregnancy, keeping the mother from stress and emotional damage; hence, maintaining pregnancy.

You might be wondering which crystals are good for fertility? Here is a list that will give you all the inside into the properties of the crystals that help in fertility and pregnancy, allowing you to choose from an array of gemstones.

The Best Crystals for Fertility


If you wish to become pregnant, moonstone, also known as the Stone of New Beginnings, is one of the greatest gemstones to use. It is known as the Woman's Healing Stone because it resonates with the moon's feminine energy and signifies emotional stability and tenderness. It is also helps to regulate women's metabolism, cycles, and hormones, making it easier to get pregnant. Set your reproductive goal for a full moon while clutching the moonstone. After that, wear it as a piece of jewelry or put it under your pillow all night to experience the enchanting result of the moonstone.

moonstone fertility healing crystal


Green Aventurine is one of the greatest gems for pregnancy and fertility because it emits energies that promote trust and peace. This gemstone, also connected with love, enhances general well-being and reproductive health. Aventurine stimulates sensations of richness and expansion by opening the heart chakra. You can use this stone to help you lay a strong emotional and financial foundation on your path to parenting.

The best way to use Aventurine is during meditation. Hold it in your hand while meditating, imagine its energy surrounding your whole body, and concentrate on your reproductive organs.

green aventurine fertility necklace


When you have a baby growing inside, the hormonal level spike all over the place, inducing irritation and anger. Jade is the best crystal to counter these tantrums. Jade's energy helps to restore balance and love by releasing blocked emotions and eliminating energy barriers. It is also thought to help reconstruct the pelvic area, giving the organs better blood circulation and oxygen. Simply holding the green jade allows you to absorb its wonderful energy. Put a palm stone in your pocket to keep feeling it all day.

jade fertility healing bracelet


Aquamarine, another fertility-protecting stone, safeguards the energy of both moms and newborns. It is particularly protective during pregnancy and aids in the prevention of miscarriages. Aquamarine's calming nature is well-known, and it is this that makes it one of the best reproductive healing stones. It provides mothers-to-be with an inner serenity that helps to relieve concerns or paranoid thoughts. This crystal is the best to use in a ring, bracelet, or necklace.

aquamarine fertility healing bracelet


Carnelian is a popular fertility stone that promotes fertility and encourages intimacy. It resonates with the sacral chakra, the energy center of the male and female reproductive organs, and helps eliminate energetic blockages. Carnelian also activates the coiled kundalini energy at the base of the spine. This vital life force will support the reproductive and hormonal systems while preserving homeostasis in the reproductive zones. You may carry a carnelian in your pocket or wear it on a belt. Moreover, hold it near the sacral chakra and the reproductive area to optimize its benefits.

Carnelian fertility healing bracelet

Fertility Crystal FAQ

Are fertility crystals safe?

Fertility crystals are absolutely safe as they do not possess any negative energy. In fact, the only thing they have is positive energy that replaces all the negative energies present in the human body.

Are there fertility crystals for men?

Fertility crystals do have enormously positive effects on men as well. Certain famous crystals used for improving men's fertility are Carnelian, Selenite, and Aquamarine.

What are the best crystals for IVF?

Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, and moonstone are some of the best crystals that can be used to attain a successful IVF therapy. These crystals will keep balance in emotions and the physical body while increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs.

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