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With the recent amount of Referral Program inquiries we have been receiving lately, we thought it would be best to compile all of the information into one blog, so all of your questions can be answered!  

It has been crafted perfectly for you! To put it simply, refer a friend and you’ll receive a 10% commission of the subtotal amount of their first purchase as future shopping credit! AND, the referred friend will receive a 10% DISCOUNT on their first purchase. 

You never know what can happen! We’ve had customers out on a girl’s trip, church service, and even strangers who absolutely had to know where our customers designs were from. Just like that, our referral tracking skyrocketed and our customer’s store credit earned them some of their now favorite designs. Let us help you earn your well deserved store credit! 

Receive referral credit with no expiration

2 Simple Steps….

When YOU as a Rei of Light customer (even if you haven't shopped with us in a long time) refers a new customer that makes a purchase:

  • In the comment section at checkout the person you referred must type your name there so we can track your earnings. If shopping in person they will need to mention your name that you referred them.
  • The new customer uses the discount code at checkout – referral - in all lower case as a coupon code to save 10% on their first order

Why should you refer?

  • It’s fun to refer people to something you love and value. 
  • You are supporting an artist and small business owner. 
  • YOU as the referrer will earn 10% of the subtotal amount purchased as credit towards a future purchase with no expiration date. Holy Smokes! This can add up fast.

Referral Tracking

Each customer, when placing an order, must disclose who referred them or the code will not activate. All orders will be closely monitored and accounted for so that each customer and referrer receives their well-deserved discount and jewelry credit. Anytime a new customer referral places an order you will receive email notification with your credit amount.

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