What Our Customers say

Rei of Light handcrafted jewelry is hands-down the most exquisite, breathtaking, elegant, healing, empowering pieces of art that I have ever purchased in my long seasoned life. You can’t create beauty of this caliber unless your heart, soul, passion, inspiration, and the integrity of how you live your daily life are in alignment with a higher power. I can see and feel the love and meticulous effort that she infuses into each piece of jewelry that I wear daily. I am especially obsessed with the luxurious color arrangements and the quality stones of her bracelets. This jewelry is what I gift my cherished family and friends. We are all in AWE of how amazing we feel wearing your art. Thank you Brenda!! - Ann W

I feel the love and healing energy always when wearing each of Brenda's creation. Each piece is created from the deepest healing intentions of her heart. Brenda is such an inspirational person and that inspiration comes through in all of her creations. Whether she is creating a piece for you from her online collection, a custom piece for you or co-creating a piece, the alchemy of her intuition and the healing properties of the stones chosen come together in such a stunning and admirable magic. Brenda has created several one of a kind pieces for me over the years of knowing her and I have ordered many pieces from her online collection of designs. Her intuitive nature will connect with your spirit to create a stunning and magical piece of jewelry for you or a loved one. Brenda is my go to person for all of my jewelry and for gifts to others.~ Casandra

I have never had a more personal online experience. It was not about the purchase as much as it was my conversations with Brenda. I was reading an article about crystals and cancer that Brenda was interviewed in and her comments raised my curiosity. I did an online chat and she offered to speak with me about how crystals might aid me with my treatment. I believe in modern medicine and have great cancer team. Our goal is CURE. Brenda personalized a healing bracelet for me that I can feel the healing energy in it. I have never meet Brenda but there was something about our conversation. I will wear this bracelet on my journey and beyond. Brenda was sincere and I am happy to have her on my team. ~Richard

What a treasure! I learned of Brenda/Rei of Light from an online article about the healing power of natural stones. I was looking for meaningful gifts for several dear friends facing cancer treatments. I called Brenda and was so touched by her knowledge, warmth, intention, dedication, talents, intuition, and customer service. What a rare treat to find someone who is living her mission and purpose, who has found the perfect way to share her powerful and many gifts. I ordered a variety of bracelets, custom-made for each loved one, which Brenda then shipped directly to each of them with a personalized note included. Even friends who claim they don’t believe the idea of “healing energy” (from Brenda or the stones) have acknowledged that their bracelet is the most special gift they’ve received, they wear it daily, and find it a powerful reminder that they are loved and all possible healing treatments are being leveraged to help them. Brenda is a gift and a healer on many levels. I am so grateful to have found her. ~Edna Mae