Crystal Corner

Step into the light this Thanksgiving

The world can be a difficult place to be in. It's important to step away from the media, social media, and those who perpetuate the...

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Limited Edition Crystal Teardrop Collection Available Through December 31st

One never knows when or how they may be inspired. So many people inspire me to be a better person, to push myself a little...

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Rei of Light Jewelry Gives Back

Rei of Light Jewelry has just partnered with HOPE4BLUE. HOPE4BLUE is a National Nonprofit that raises funds to support every police officer and every police...

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Best Travel Jewelry

Does your jewelry keep you safe when traveling? Does it look gorgeous on you and offer you protection? Turquoise is a wonderful stone to wear...

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Which one comes first? Check out how I picked

Do you buy the outfit and then decide on the jewelry or the other way around? I'm not big on clothes shopping but I needed...

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Limited Edition Collection Releasing Soon

I am about to introduce a new LIMITED collection to my website! Make sure to head over to to sign up for my newsletter...

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