How to Pick Healing Crystals That Will Help You Find Your Inner Strength

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Crystals are mystical, aesthetic, and effective. There are different types of crystals, just like there are different reasons why people choose healing crystals. They naturally balance your energy field. Many go for crystal healing to release tension, negativity, or stress, while others believe that the right crystals can treat physical ailments.

Ever wondered why crystals are very powerful? Well, crystals are energy and are made up of a fixed, perfectly repeating geometric pattern of atoms and molecules. Their chemistry is impressively stable, unlike humans, whose energy is unstable and takes the influence of the environment pretty quickly.

How to find the right healing crystal

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Healing crystals for Health

  • Clear Quartz: Infamous as the master healer, it supports your entire energy system. Clear quartz is a good stone for beginners who are physically drained and unaware of the cause.
  • Rose Quartz: Assists in treating breast cancer.
  • Moonstone: Assists with infertility and to detoxify organs.
  • Tiger eye: Helps with anxiety. Boosts the endocrine system, bringing one’s hormones into balance.
  • Bloodstone: Great support for dealing with lymphoma and assists in with extremely high or low blood pressure? Bloodstone comes to the rescue!

 Healing crystal for Love      

  • Rose Quartz: Again in our list. Rose quartz fosters two kinds of love. The love you have towards others and the one you hold for yourself.
  • Rhodonite: Struggling to let go of a toxic relationship or move on from a breakup? Say goodbye to stagnant energy and welcome new love with Rhodonite.
  • Garnet: Help forge meaningful and healthy bounds with yourself and others.

Healing Crystal for Wealth

  • Citrine: Manifests prosperity, financial success, and abundance.
  • Pyrite: Helps see the opportunities you were previously ignoring. This lucky crystal brings abundance and prosperity.
  • Malachite: Confidence and passion. The two essential traits to attract wealth in your life. Malachite makes you passionate about your goals.

Healing Crystals for Friendship

  • Lapis Lazuli: Improves communication and helps build a connection.
  • Blue topaz: Incanculate joy in your friendships
  • Peridot: Also known as the stone of friendship, peridot connects and lets you celebrate your closest companions. With its drizzling shade of greens, it also washes negative thoughts like jealousy, anger, and resentment that may be blocking your pathway to an existing or new friendship.

Healing Crystals for Career

  • Sunstone: Shades of yellow, orange, and brown, sunstone inspire its wearer to stand for himself. It fortifies career success and brings in new opportunities.
  • Sodalite: With a deep blue color pattern, sodalite takes your career and instinct to a new level. It is highly recommended if you appear in an interview or are uncertain about all your career options.
  • Chrysoprase: Your career success depends significantly on your relationship with colleagues and clients. This stone heightens your social skills and helps foster new professional relationships.

Healing Crystal for Mental wellness

  • Agate: Instills security and clarity. It clears brain fog and enhances mental function. Agate help widen perception and analytical abilities.
  • Jasper: Jasper is like a supporting friend that gives you the warmth and nurturing you need in times of stress and uncertainty,
  • Amethyst: If you get irritated quickly, and there’s chaos inside your head, you better bring Amethyst into your life. It cultivates deep relaxation, serenity, and clarity in your mind, like a gentle song sung by angels.

How do I use my intuition with choosing crystals?

With so many options out there, it can get challenging to decide which crystal(s) is most suitable for you at the time being. After all, both rose quartz and Rhodonite are effective love stones. So, who can decide which one of these two is better? The answer is, only YOU.

Intuition is your inner guidance system. Everyone is blessed with intuition, infamous as ‘gut feeling.’  Each crystal vibrates at a specific frequency, just like you. Therefore, you will naturally get drawn to the colors, energies, and textures you need at the moment.

Now that I have listed the top three crystals for each dimension of life, it's time to allow your inner wisdom to rush in and let your third eye do the work. Your mind will call for the crystal that resonates with you the most.

This can also be done physically. Hover your hands on the crystal and feel the sensation and aura each crystal radiates. With the right one, you will discover a mystical and soothing relaxation.

How to use healing crystal

closeup of an amber colored crystal

  1. Channel your crystal with intention: First and foremost, charge your crystal with intention. What are your expectations of the crystal? Hold your crystal in hand, close your eyes and say it out loud or in your mind. “I ask that I become receptive to love and light. I want my higher self to take charge and clear all unwanted energy and any previous programming. I command this crystal to [say the intention of your choice].”
  1. Wear your stones: How to keep the crystal in contact with your body 24/7. Wear them. You are always under its protection when you wear your crystal as jewelry. Incorporating your crystal in a pendant, bracelet, or ring are some great options.
  1. Toss them in your purse or pocket: Not drawn to wearing jewelry? Place your crystal in your wallet, purse, or bag. This option works best if you're working with money crystals.
  2. Meditation: To mentally and spiritually nourish yourself, meditate with your crystal. Crystals instill serenity, focus, and calmness. All of these can improve your meditation experience. You can place the crystal in your right hand or on your chakra that needs work.

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