Healing Crystals 101: How Crystals Help Anxiety

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From microscopic levels to astronomical levels, everything is made up of energy. The further quantum physicists peer into the nature of reality, the more evidence they find that everything is energy at the most fundamental levels. Like everything else in nature, we all have our own energy. Human energy is unstable and can take the influence of no. of things. Our energy dictates our mood, influences our behaviors and actions, and attracts people that complement the energy we are radiating. Negative energy manifests as restlessness, hopelessness, withdrawal, anxiety, and depression. On the other hand, positive energy foster confidence, focus, peace, and an overall sense of wholeness. Crystals take back the negative energy from you and flourish you with positivity. If you have ever tried any crystal before, you know there is a crystal for everything. Some protect from negative energies, some can help in recovery, while the others provide serenity and calmness. Crystals interact with the body’s natural energetic frequency. The idea is that when the crystal's energy interacts with your energy, it absorbs stuck or stagnant energy. So, suppose you are suffering from stress and looking for healing alternatives. In that case, these crystals for anxiety and depression can bring back power and serenity in your life.

What are the best healing crystals for anxiety?


As one of the most popular crystals for anxiety and sleep, amethyst, with its soothing purple hue, Amethyst is amazingly purifying, healing and protective. It is often used to treat insomnia and nightmares and may help you enjoy a good nap. This wonderful gem can help alleviate anxiety while also inviting serene vibes.

amethyst crystal

 Black Tourmaline

This gleaming black stone is a viable pick for energy protection and cleansing the mind of negative thinking patterns. Black Tourmaline reduces stress, tension, and anxiety, resulting in a profound feeling of stability and balance. As a grounding stone, it keeps you from feeling overwhelmed.

Black Tourmaline crystal

Rose Quartz

During difficult times, everyone has to practice compassion and self-love, which is where rose quartz comes in. It is a delicate and compassionate stone recognized for its capacity to draw love with its glimmer. It promotes the soothing and relaxing qualities of love, healing, and peace. It's particularly beneficial when the source of anxiety is heartbreak, trauma, suffering, or dread.

Rose Quartz crystal


Celestite is a crystal that was sent directly from the spiritual realm. It has a lovely relaxing energy that supports clarity of mind and emotional stability, making it an effective crystal for healing anxiety and depression. This crystal will bond you to the Angelic realms, enabling energy to flow freely.

 Celestite crystal


Citrine, the gold life optimizer, brings you the pleasure, amazement, and passion you need in all aspects of your life. It is an energetic stone that can aid if you lack drive and attention or feel exhausted. Citrine also promotes bravery, making it one of the most fabulous managing crystals for social anxiety.

 Citrine crystal


Sodalite is a master crystal for anxiety and sleep. One of the reasons people are anxious is because they lack confidence in themselves, imagining anything and everything that can go wrong. Sodalite is thus a great companion that can boost confidence, helping you move through the world with courage. It also improves communication skills, calms panic attacks, and brings emotional balance - an ideal crystal for social anxiety.

Sodalite crystal

How to use crystals for anxiety?

There are many ways to use a crystal to experience its healing effects. You can wear the crystal as a pendant and keep it close to your body. You can also place the crystal on the side of your bed or in any place where it will be near you, and you can see it several times daily. Another great way is to meditate with the crystal of your choice.

You can hold the crystal in your hand, sit comfortably and upright, and close your eyes. Then feel the smoothness and weight of the crystal in your hand. Imagine the aura emitting from the crystal, slowly engulfing your whole body inside it. Imagine your negative energy racing out. Now open your eyes and look at the crystal. Admire its beauty, texture, and imperfections which make it magnificent.

 Does the size of the crystal make a difference?

Although the size doesn't affect the crystal's energy, it is vital in its vibration characteristics. Vibrations mean how much energy the stone emits. Suppose you want to use the crystal by placing it close to your body, like in jewelry. In that case, it is advised to use smaller crystals because crystals with high vibrations can be overwhelming. Larger crystals are better placed in an open environment and used in meditation techniques since you will be only exposed to them for a smaller period.




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