Hello Spring, Great to see you again! 

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Welcome Spring! 

Spring is the season of joy and happiness for all the living beings like trees, plants, flowers, animals, birds, human beings, etc because it is neither hot nor cold. Days and nights become almost same length, neither too short nor too long.

This is an excellent time to set the intention for equilibrium in your life and plant the seeds of your desires.
This is an important time of awakening and new beginnings throughout many traditions and cultures. The spiritual meaning of the Vernal Equinox goes much beyond the welcome change to longer days: it celebrates the universal theme of rebirth which is present in the world religions today, but also in the mythology of ancient Egyptian, Greek, Celtic, Persian and Mayan traditions.

Take a little or a lot of time out of your busy schedule to take a walk outside, breathe in the fresh air, recharge your system, and revive your Spirit!

 May the Long Time Sun Shine Upon You.


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