3 Amazing Women Who Inspire Me

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What an amazing month March has been to us here at Rei of Light Jewelry. I hope this month has provided you with an abundance of love, memories, ideas, and inspiration. In the beginning of the month we took March 8th to celebrate International Women's Day. Coincidentally, this month is Women's History Month.

Just to provide some insight on the history of the celebratory month, this all began 30 years ago, born out of a California School District. What was a celebration of women’s achievements, is now celebrated worldwide across social media platforms, parades, exhibits, lectures, and more activities to showcase women’s contributions to society.

I was ecstatic to find out that Women’s History Month originated in California as I have been residing in San Diego for 10 years now. To extend on my personal connection with the celebratory month, I thought it would share three amazing women who have not only contributed gracious achievements to society, but to women in general.

Pema Chödrön

Beloved Buddhist teacher, author, nun and mother, Pema Chodron has inspired millions of people from around the world who have been touched by her example and message of practicing peace in these turbulent times.

The Pema Chodron Foundation is the creation of an endowment to hold and generate the funds needed to help share Pema’s teachings of how to ‘practice peace’ in our lives and communities, and to support those who choose to lead a contemplative life. The royalties from all of Pema’s books and tapes are held by the Foundation. In addition, gifts and honoraria generated by Pema benefit The Foundation.

Pema needs your help. While she has taught and published widely over these past years, and has been at the heart of the creation of her home monastery. Thank you for all you have done, Pema!

Oprah Winfrey

Although a beauty pageant turned into a full time job for Oprah, her career exploded, allowing her to gain national presence which trickled to an overwhelming amount of success. With her fortune Oprah devised her Angel Network which presented $100,000 “Use Your Life Award” to individuals who are using their own lives to improve the lives of others. Oprah established the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, near Johannesburg.

Her legendary generosity has extended not only to her favorite networks and charities, but soon to her loyal viewers. Oprah’s generosity has not stopped since. Oprah Winfrey has also donated more than $20 million to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Winfrey funds several organizations aimed at improving the quality of life for women and helping to boost their confidence. She backs Women for Women International, which supports the financial, educational, and interpersonal needs of women survivors of war, poverty and injustice, as well as Girl Effect, a movement working to end poverty in adolescent women.

Marianne Williamson

Self-help guru, author, and friend of Oprah, Marianne is a soul I absolutely admire for her previous and promised future contribution to women in society. After announcing her candidacy spot for the 2020 election, I checked into her stance on women’s rights.

  • Reauthorize and fully fund the Violence Against Women Act, and then remove all sunset provisions so that it cannot lapse.
  • Increase rules, regulations, and oversight to prevent pregnancy-related discrimination.  
  • Require more post-birth leave time for mothers - and fathers.
  • Pass the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution.
  • Empower the Justice Department to more thoroughly prevent sexual harassment, discrimination, and rape.
  • Provide more funding for Headstart and high-quality childcare programs. As the City of New York has provided universal pre-K for its citizens, so must the United States.      ....& more!

“The feminine energy is the energy of creation, and of protection of the community. By adopting policies to protect women, society simply protects itself.” - Marianne 

The three individuals I have named are not only women, but have helped and kept women in mind throughout their careers and personal journeys to societal contributions. 

Happy Women’s History Month!

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