Shungite Healing Benefits & Why Every Person and Home Can Benefit

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What is Shungite?

Shungite is an ancient stone that contains all the elements of the periodic table in its composition. It's believed to be almost two billion years old.

Shungite formed long before there was life on earth, deep within the earth’s crust. It carries within its valuable downloads about the earth's evolutionary process.

Shungite is composed of mostly carbon, which is the universal building block for life as we know it. In 1996 it was discovered that Shungite is the only known natural mineral to contain fullerenes, a crystalline form of carbon and powerhouse antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals.

What does Shungite do for you?

Shungite can protect and heal you simultaneously. This is precisely why it's often referred to as "the stone of life." It grounds you to the earth, guards you again electromagnetic frequencies, alongside other harmful toxins in the air and all around us.

Shungite is a powerful stone that works like no other. Wearing it will not only ground your energy center, its known as a Master Healing stone to the soul.  fantastic stone used in cancer healing.

Shungite helps to increase physical stamina and endurance. It will reduce and encourage the recovery from infection and viruses. This stone enhances the function of the pineal and pituitary glands. ​Shungite is a very powerful cancer healing stone.

Shungite helps with acceptance of difficult situations and will guide you to overcome despair, while drawing off negative energy and give you support while providing healing energies to the mind, body, and spirit.

It clears, aligns, and connects you within. Shungite is the crystal of grounding, detoxification, and neutralization. To many crystal enthusiasts, the meaning of shungite ranges from physical protection to spiritual protection from draining or harmful energetic forces. 

Shungite clears and balances your aura and aligns all your chakras. 

Stress relief. Numerous anecdotal studies claim that the proximity and daily use of shungite gemstones can contribute to decreased stress levels and a calmer, clearer state of mind.

Shungite assists in your spiritual evolution and enhances your metaphysical abilities. 

How Shungite can benefit your home

All the time we are being bombarded with Wi-Fi and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’S) of all kinds. EMFs disrupt our energetic field, negatively impacting the cells in our body leaving us feeling drained, burnt out and imbalanced. Placing Shungite on and near internet modems and electronic devices, including microwaves and televisions, computers, cell phones and so on, neutralizes these frequencies, and without interfering with the quality of their use. The constant transmission of EMFs can have a significant impact on your energy and overall health, which is why using Shungite as a protective element is quite beneficial for your home.

Benefits of Wearing Shungite Jewelry

By wearing Shungite on your body, you remain tapped into its protective and healing properties, amplifying them all around you. When you have a clear aura and aligned chakras, energy flows through you with ease. You're able to release the brain and move into flow with the heart. When you are clear, you become channels for connecting to your highest self and other realms. It really brings forth just how powerful you truly are.

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  • I’m glad you informed us that Shungite can protect and heal us at the same time since it helps protect us from harmful toxins while increasing our physical stamina and endurance. I wasn’t a believer in crystal healing, but I’ve become interested ever since my aunt has been getting into it lately. I’ll keep this in mind in case I ever get sick and need crystals for healing one of these days.

    Elina Brooks on

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