5 Ways to Ground Your Energy & Find Balance in Your Life

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Are you in need of ways to ground your energy and find balance in your life?

Make Time to Step Out

I could start anywhere but if I had to start somewhere— your comfort zone is a huge first step. Are you trying new things and pushing healthy boundaries? Are you breathing fresh air by removing yourself from your home and dedicating time to the outside world? Stepping out can be achieved in many ways. Stepping out of unhealthy habits is also a smart chess move to break free from isolating from a better, fresher version of yourself. Picture the endless possibilities of new, useful habits you can pick up which will in turn help you either adapt, maintain or level up to a better version of your own being. Step into a safe zone for your mind, body, and soul. Have you thought of utilizing healing stones to improve concentration? Black Onyx is an amazing resource for an integrated and holistic approach to stimulate your mind’s thinking process.

Avoid the Avoidable

Are you self-aware of the things that trigger any unpleasant feelings or reactions? Avoid what you can control and put your sanity and well-being above all else. Try redirecting your attention, efforts, or daily routine to a more positive perspective that will have a better chance of spilling over into other aspects of your life. If you are a natural born pessimist, avoid catastrophizing— you will thank yourself in the long run. Increasing your feelings of safety and grounding your energy can be jump started with a healing stone called hematite. You can have it around you or directly on you.

Find The Magic

What may seem insignificant to you now may have you thinking differently soon enough. Find the magic in music, the outdoors, being home alone, socializing with a large group of people, reading books you normally would not pick up, self-care and more. Finding adventure in what seems like life’s most common practices is you pulling a different perspective into your safe space and utilizing the magic as a crutch to your balance in life. A perspective you might want to consider is aiding in your loyalty, integrity, and purity. Pearls offer high energy vibrations and can re-balance deficiencies in the human body they are worn.

Do Something

Facing tensions and looking for any excuse to move past it? Your options are endless. Start with something soothing and tactical. Your energy would best be exerted in activities that bring out the best version of yourself— or simply put you in a pleasant state of ease. Prioritize your physical wellness through sleep, nutrition, and exercise. Most importantly, breathe. Consider meditation as there are profound benefits with just a few minutes a day. Are you socializing enough or too much? Think about how energy is contagious. Are you surrounding yourself with profound people who are more likely to have a positive effect on you? When is the last time you walked in nature? Have you tried laying on the earth? Plant yourself on the grass, pause and notice how gravity pulls and holds your body. Do something, anything to move in a positive direction. Another stone we highly recommend incorporating into your daily routine is the Blue Topaz. It’s a deep spiritual and healing stone, producing a soothing effect so it is easy to face stress and tensions while absorbing and boosting your natural energy.

Identify You

You can be and do anything! You are the one in control and in charge of your life. How you choose to connect to the universal flow of energy if up to you. Ask yourself in what ways do you desire to brighten your aura? How can you best work through pain, and shield yourself from negative energy? Get to know yourself, inside and out, on a deep level. You want to establish your sense of stability while calming your nervous system. Do what makes your entire being most happy.

Go live your best life,

Brenda McDermott


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