Happy Summer Solstice!

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The Summer Solstice is a time of light, newness, and outward expansion. The longest day of the year brings about immense energy and light. It is magical time of year with mother earth! A time of step right into your fullest potential, true purpose, and highest good for all humanity and yourself. It is time to build bigger dreams, have higher ambitions, and to find more and more enjoy. 

Tomorrow we would like to honor the summer solstice, otherwise known as the longest day of the year. That means brighter evenings, picnics, festivals, and barbecues. It may feel like summer has already arrived, but the astronomical summer doesn't begin until later this month. 

The power of the sun is at it's peak. The energy of the solstice invites us to welcome in the new and to celebrate the very basis of our existence. And our soul's purpose. The more we listen to the subtle signs and inner voices, the easier the journey will unfold. Often times we just have to get out of our comfort zone in order to rise up and step forth into the best you. 

If you feel an energy shift, embrace it.

May long time sun shine upon you,

Brenda xoxo


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