My Journey to Living the Life I Desire

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My name is Brenda, and I design unique, meaningful, intentional, beautiful jewelry.  Before I discovered my true self, I spent the first part of my working life in the corporate world.  When I realized my true passion was helping people, I left it all behind to devote myself to health, wellness, and the healing arts.  I now focus my time since 2008 working as an artist and teaching people ways to reach their highest potential. The name of my company, "Rei-of-Light Jewelry Designs," is an homage to my Mother--my personal guiding Ray of Light.  During a profound "out of body" experience while meditating in 2007, I saw myself on the Titanic as it was sinking, tied to a massive desk by a ball and chain.  I jumped off into the water screaming, "I'm drowning!  Someone please help me!"  At that very moment, a ray of light appeared with a clear vision of my Mother, who had died tragically in a car accident in 1995.  And here is what she said to me: 

"Just let go; be free; go live the life you desire..." 

This message came at such a critical juncture in my life--I was literally "drowning" in my life--the life that I created.  I was not living the life I desired--I was not happy and certainly not free.  Everything changed for me after that revelation.  It was time to follow my heart's desire. 

From a young age, I was interested in designing jewelry, but it was just a hobby until I started taking jewelry designing classes over the years to learn new skills.  I loved everything about making jewelry--the process from inception to completion, the creative outlet that designing provides, learning new techniques, studying about crystals and gemstones and experiencing satisfaction when a fabulous piece emerges. 

My art studio is in Southern California where my creative juices now flow from the beauty and light of my environment.  Every step of the crafting process is personal with me:  shopping for the highest quality materials, conceiving designs, and meticulously hand-crafting each item.  The design and creation of my first significant and truly powerful piece came to me right after my Level 2 Reiki attunement--an exquisite crystal bracelet that I named, "Enlighten."  

 My work is so much more than simply making jewelry.  I truly believe in the healing properties of crystals and gemstones, and I combine this with my passion for creating beautiful, unique pieces.  My jewelry can be appreciated on many levels--from the deep spiritual qualities it imbues all the way to merely catching the eye of the buyer who wants to look her best. 

If I can be an inspiration in your life in some way, I will consider my work a success.  My hope is that you will find something that connects you to the healing properties of the natural world and awakens a sense of your own inner beauty. 

Whenever I hear the words, "Your jewelry has become my 'go-to' pieces," I feel gratified.  Thank you for joining me in this endeavor--one that inspires, satisfies, and brings healing and light! 

Love and Gratitude,

Brenda McDermott


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