Mom, Daughter and Grandma All Find Healing in Cancer Bracelet

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When I get the opportunity to touch someones life, that makes me very happy. One of the most meaningful parts of my work as a jewelry designer is talking with someone that has cancer or a loved one that is looking for information about what crystals are best for cancer healing.  I wanted to share this incredible story with you. I had no idea this would come full circle and then around again but it did.

Brace Yourself for this story!

"I'm not even sure where to begin and not the best writer but I know this needs to be written. I will be forever grateful for all that Brenda McDermott, the owner of Rei of Light Jewelry has done for me and my family. She is like a gift from above and the gift that kept on giving. About a year ago my daughter was looking for a cancer healing piece of jewelry and read Brenda's article online about Crystal's for Cancer and reached out to her. She was constantly searching for everything that could help support her and help her to beat cancer.

My daughter was met over the phone by the most compassionate, intuitive, and really kind person. Brenda designed her the perfect piece of healing jewelry that she wore all the time. I never saw her without it and she would always say how Brenda really listened to her and touched her life in a special way. Sadly, we lost her to cancer this year BUT the healing bracelet was passed down to her young daughter and she wears it every single day and says she feels so connected to her mom. The bracelet was too big so my granddaughter (a teenager) contacted Brenda to see if she could ship it back to here from PA and have it resized. She not only resized it at no charge but she add a special "LOVE" charm and a sweet note to my Chelsey. Then.... Chelsey wanted her grandma to have the same piece of jewelry so that I could feel connected to my daughter so once again, I reached out to Brenda and she was so kind and thoughtful (a totally small world too that our families grew up in the same town even though we don't know each other, they knew each other- she lives in CA and I live in PA) and was somehow able to recreate the same bracelet that was originally a one of a kind piece. She spend so much time getting the right stones again and making my piece of jewelry so special. Not only would I recommend Rei of Light Jewelry to anyone looking for any type of jewelry, I would say that you will gain a special connection along the way.

Brenda has a true gift and I'm so grateful we found her. She really knows crystals and the healing qualities too. I love how we have all found healing through a bracelet that my daughter had made and little did she know we would not have them as a family heirloom."  Virginia H. from PA

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