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Do you buy the outfit and then decide on the jewelry or the other way around? I'm not big on clothes shopping but I needed a dress for my jewelry show coming up next week in New Jersey. I ventured over to a little boutique store, Radix in Encinitas since I prefer to shop local from a small business owner. I found the perfect outfit in a matter of minutes.

Now that the outfit is taken care of I suddenly got inspired to design a unique necklace to go with my outfit. I already have lots of options to choose from in my "personal" Rei of Light jewelry box but I became fixated on a concept for a necklace. This can be a total playground for an artist or dangerous territory to enter into! Lucky for me I all the parts I needed for my idea. I could not be happier with the result of my new necklace to go with my gorgeous new outfit.

When I showed the necklace to my husband his mouth dropped and he said "I sure hope you are ready to take a lot of orders for that piece!"

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