Sometimes It Just Takes Perseverance

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Do you have have a day where you just have to put on your Perseverance armor? Have you ever set out to do one thing, and then found yourself at a mental road block or every road block?   Well I have, and here's a story about determination and perseverance:

People ask me all the time how I come up with my designs. Do I draw them out first, or look at catalogs, or use a computer program for instance?  I actually don’t do any of those things to come up with my creations. What I do is spend a lot of time at my design table playing with healing stones and I also do a lot of swimming, and that activity gives me quiet time to create in my mind and let my imagination flow. The benefit is twofold:  exercising my body while my mind is free to come up with jewelry designs.  The only "trick" is then to remember them, ha!

One of my favorite pieces had its origin during a long swim. I knew the gemstone combination I wanted to use, the healing properties of the stones, and how great they would all be together. I rushed to my art studio after my swim to get cracking on the piece. Well, I began working around 11am, but after seven straight hours and at least 1,000 gemstones spread out all over my design table and the floor, I did NOT have the piece put together.  

My husband walked into my studio and said, “What in the world is going on in here?” I said to him, “I’m on to something amazing, I just feel it but can’t seem to finalize it."

He said, “Bren, you have got to walk away from this and call it a day.  This is insane.” So after another hour I went to grab a bite to eat by myself.  I knew what I needed to do! I got back home and within minutes it all came together. Why?  Because the beautiful end result was totally through Perseverance. I had no idea this is what I would come up with based on what I had envisioned that morning, 8 hours earlier during my swim.

Talk about having to clean up after a day’s work!  Well, it took me until the next day to put away all those possible 1,000 stones.

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