The Magic of Opals

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I love opals! I received my first opal from my boyfriend when I was 16 years old. I would have bought the ring for myself if he didn’t surprise me with it. I had my eye on it for weeks and just knew I had to have it. I still have that ring, and I am nowhere close to being 16 any longer. 

Perhaps my passion for opals was the reason that one of my first jewelry designs after a long hiatus was the necklace I named "Tranquility."  It was the first piece that I sold to a customer.  What made it extra special was that she purchased it immediately after I showed it to her, so this confirmed for me that I absolutely nailed the design! 

The opal is the traditional birthstone of people born in October, however it likewise has been considered that wearing your opal birthstone actually shields you from any bad luck that it carries.

Myth: It is unlucky to wear an opal if it is not your birthstone. 

Opal/Peruvian Opal has soft, relaxing energies. It has the ability to remove the tension from any communication to help ideas to flow freely.  Good for creativity and to assist in speaking one’s mind. Opal helps to soften the impact of stress from the outside world. They also assist in releasing trauma of old wounds and facilitating facing the future with a tranquil self -healing nature.  It is good for quieting the mind and helpful in aiding sleep.

Blue Peruvian Opal--Gemstone Meaning And Healing Properties:

Among all opal stone types, blue opal is considered the rarest type. Blue Peruvian opal is highly associated with the throat chakra, as it is believed by certain cultures as the stone of courage and ingenuity.

With lots of benefits as healing properties both physically and mentally, Peruvian blue opal is highly hunted by gemstone lovers. The blue opal stone meaning is said to improve one’s self-esteem and confidence and improve creativity and communication ability of the wearer. Opal is also know to bring great fortune, who wouldn't want to wear it knowing this!

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