Limited Edition Crystal Teardrop Collection Available Through December 31st

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One never knows when or how they may be inspired. So many people inspire me to be a better person, to push myself a little harder in a workout, to reach to the next level and to make a difference in someone's life.

I love when I'm given the freedom to create, when a customer has a special request but leaves it up to me to come up with the design using a specific stone. That inspires me!

It was through that inspiration that a brand new collection came about. This is a Limited Edition Collection and will be available through December 31st.  Be sure to order yours today! 

There are seven different stone options to choose from all of AAA grade. Each stone color emits a striking hue that looks wonderful and can be worn with a variety of earrings and other jewelry. The hammered marquise shaped chandelier in sterling silver or gold filled is attractive and catches your attention at the first glance.

  • Each stone has specific healing properties. For example, Topaz is the epitome of understanding, compassion, kindness and empathy, which help the heartbroken to love again, and protects the openhearted from suffering too much agony. Basically, it imparts a soothing, peaceful vibe that balances your emotions and psychic perceptions, thus maintaining stability in life.
  • Say you love the bright pink stone but want it in all gold filled, you can order it just the way you want it. Everything you see in silver can be made in gold and vice versa.
  • So what are you waiting for? A necklace that not only looks incredible, but subtly influences creative endeavors and love in a positive manner – an ideal combination indeed.

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