Gemstones and crystals can enhance your health especially in dealing with cancer

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Brenda McDermott's Interview with Leslie T. Snadowsky for Cancer Wellness Magazine

Can gemstones and crystals be gleaming with the potential to enhance your health?
Can a cache of crystals cure a cluster of cancer? According to a Las Vegas-based certified reiki master and energy healer known professionally as JodiAnn, a handful of rubies, carnelians and garnets helped cure hers.
At 25, JodiAnn was diagnosed with stage III cervical cancer. Instead of pursuing a Western medical matrix of cryotherapy, hysterectomy, chemotherapy and radiation, she headed to a naturopath who prescribed a prism of transcendental therapies including a diet overhaul, meditation, visualizations and reiki energy healing techniques infused with crystals. JodiAnn followed his advice and kept red stones, to correlate with her sacral chakra, close to her body; under her pillows; and in her pockets, office and car. She says her cancer disappeared within
months and she’s been cancer-free for 33 years.
While JodiAnn says she can’t prove that the magnetism of brilliant, iridescent and lustrous gemstones can cure cancer, she believes colorful crystals can raise your
energy frequency to levels where cancer won’t exist. “This isn’t woo-woo or magic,” says JodiAnn, whose holistic practice crystalizes around channeling good vibrations from healing stones. “Crystal healing is a science rooted in ancient lapidary medicine, where different crystals have been found to vibrate different frequencies that correlate with different organs, different body parts and different chakras—the seven major energy centers that run throughout your body. The goal is to raise your frequency any way you can, so you’re whole in your natural state of complete and perfect health.”
While mainstream medicine remains embedded in doubt, attributing the curative
properties of crystals to pseudoscience and the “placebo effect,” a 2009 report first published in the journal Integrative Medicine Insights shines a light on the principles of the practice that dates back thousands of years. “All systems in the human being, from the atomic to the molecular level, are constantly in motion
creating resonance,” the report states. “This resonance is important to understanding how subtle energy directs and maintains health and wellness in the human being [...] The healing of a patient must include more than the biology and chemistry of their physical body; by necessity, it must include the mental,
emotional, and spiritual (energetic) aspects.”
Increasing your body’s energy vibrations to ensure you’re not receptive to cancer is a bedrock in the growing global complementary and alternative medicine industry.
Market research and consulting company Grand View Research predicts the industry will reach $100 billion this year and $400 billion by 2028 due to a “wide acceptance of alternative treatments among the general population.”
The faceted philosophies of crystal efficacy haven’t eroded the confidence of 52-year-old Rhonda Johnstone from Roswell, New Mexico, who is counting on her coterie of crystals from REI OF LIGHT JEWELRY to help her recover from a recent stage III invasive ductal carcinoma diagnosis. “I’m using rainbow fluorite and a bag of stones that I keep in my bra,” she says. “I also wear a bracelet with stones chosen specifically by Brenda for my cancer and emotional support including smoky quartz, rose quartz, rhodochrosite, fluorite and others.”
Brenda McDermott, a San Diego-based Reiki level 2 practitioner and owner of Rei of Light Jewelry, handpicked Johnstone’s crystals and believes gemstones and crystals have healing powers and can help stop cancer growth. “Fluorite eliminates disruptive, chaotic and disorganized growth and purifies, cleanses and restructures cells’ DNA,” she says. “Smoky quartz dissolves negative and
emotional blockages and removes unwanted energies. And, for those with breast cancer, I always use rhodochrosite and rose quartz because it’s a very feminine and supportive stone.”
McDermott curates cancer-specific collections of crystals with targeted properties by conferring with her clients who report better sleep, less pain, a reduction in tumor size and growth and a sense of peace. “I feel comfort in using them,” says Johnstone, “and believe they’ll minimize side effects from chemotherapy and shrink the tumors.”
McDermott says loose stones and jewelry made from selenite restructures and regenerates cells and reduces tumors in the body, malachite alleviates physical pain and supports those undergoing chemotherapy and petalite rebalances and stabilizes the body’s energy. “For cervical cancer, moonstone is very powerful for women as it penetrates the hormonal and emotional world through its harmonizing effects,” she says. “For skin melanoma, smoky quartz for sure, and depending on if the cancer spread, and to what extent, I would add malachite.
Citrine is for somebody who has anything going on with their stomach and aquamarine is for somebody with lung cancer. Amethyst is an overall very powerful healer, a goddess stone, and I use it quite often for those with breast cancer. Black tourmaline wards off negative energy and dispels anything that’s attached to your physical body that no longer serves you. And sugilite is used for prostate cancer because it opens the chakras and lets energy flow through them to draw healing energy into the body. For prostate, I use magnesite as well.”
While it takes more than just crystals to cure cancer,” says McDermott, “they are a great addition to other forms of Eastern and Western medicine that are all-valuable and all-important.”
Both McDermott and JodiAnn say crystals are a reasonable investment, selling from $5 to $30 a loose stone depending on the size, and agree it’s important to cleanse and calibrate your stones by placing them near selenite, in crystal singing bowls, washing them in water or saltwater and leaving them outside in the sunlight and out at night to absorb cosmic rays emitted from a full moon. JodiAnn says it’s elemental to hold natural gemstones during mediation and prayer and to wear them as jewelry to benefit from their high vibrational frequencies. Her “Heightened Frequency Reiki Sessions” feature a trio of go-to stones selenite, citrine and fluorite to amplify the energy.
“I don’t think there are magic crystals that can cure you, but they can help set the vibrational frequency for healing to happen,” says both Brenda and JodiAnn. “Follow your intuition and pick and choose what feels right for you. Think of crystals as another tool in your toolbox that could be just the thing to
give you the edge on your journey to complete healing.”
To learn more about Brenda McDermott’s practices, visit
She can be reached at 760-707-8448 PST.

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