Shine Your Light: Blue Topaz and Diamond Necklace

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $450.00

The true essence of grace and beauty lies within this stunning necklace that will surely make you fall in love with it at first wear! The striking combination of blue topaz with a halo setting of diamonds makes this stand out as classy and simple look. The magnificent blue of the topaz has regal associations, and represents peacefulness and tranquility, both of which are translated into this beautiful and subtle necklace.

Blue Topaz represents loyalty and righteousness, is associated with true love, which is clear-sighted, trust, relationships, and communication. Blue topaz has long been linked to prosperity, loyalty and love, friendship and romance. Topaz is known to increase the clarity of feelings, thoughts while also deepening emotional ties, attachments, and relationships of all kinds.

Experiencing joy, serenity and, good fortune are some of the wonderful, timeless benefits of wearing the topaz crystal. The blue Topaz in particular guides its wearer to confidence and perceptiveness.

Blue Topaz is also the birthstone for December, however the beauty of blue topaz isn't just for those with a December birthday.  This piece of fine jewelry is simple enough to wear with your jeans and a t-shirt or to a fancy dinner party. 

Diamonds are thought to represent power, courage, truth, strength, durability, and invincibility. They are also believed to promote clarity of thought, purity of heart, and the ability to see the truth. It makes sense to place the gem symbolic of things one would most want out of life in the hieroglyphic and spiritual symbol for life.

The sterling silver 18" chain makes it a perfect length. The Blue Topaz is just the perfect size and shape at 7mm and the round diamonds of .015 carat around the blue topaz really make this necklace sparkle.

This necklace can be made with many different gemstones so, inquire within for pricing on other stones. See more fine jewelry necklaces here.