Fine Jewelry - Necklaces

REI OF LIGHT JEWELRY offers a luxurious collection of gemstones, diamonds and custom jewelry designs for all occasions. All of our design are meticulously handcrafted using the highest quality hand-picked gemstones of the most remarkable quality.

Our mission is to provide the best possible jewelry you can find. If you are looking for exceptional personal service you will for sure find that at Rei of Light Jewelry. With us, you’ll find unique jewelry products at an outstanding value. Understanding your needs, budget and time frame, we will listen and work with you to create exactly what you desire.

We make exquisite jewelry not only for aesthetic enhancement. We create designs that won’t lose their value over time. Whether dressed for a special occasion or for everyday wear, your REI OF LIGHT JEWELRY will offer a distinctive and eye-catching compliment to your look, while highlighting your inner beauty. Going to the office, on a walk through the park or a fancy party, wherever the day takes you, our jewelry will represent your style in any occasion.