Rose Gold Druzy Heart Shape Dainty Necklace

Heart of the Matter: Rose Gold Druzy Heart Shape Dainty Necklace

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $68.99

Dance to the tune of your heart and the universe will join you. Here is something to celebrate your spirit and soul.  A rose gold druzy in heart shape is encased in silver to create a delicate pendant that you will love to flaunt.

The dainty textured rose-gold filled chain holds the pendant creating a cheerful piece that will become your most loved accessory.

Although simple, we have taken great care to craft the pendant and chain for a timeless allure. You will love wearing this sweet necklace and it will also make the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones so be sure to grab one for you and one for them. 

The elements will bring you metaphysical benefits. Rose gold druzy will alleviate your mood and heal naturally. It can ease depression and make you feel hopeful.

The chain, along with the pendant, looks elegant to fit your office attire. Wear it on special days when you need to create a strong impression. The chain will also match your evening and casual outfits. It is perfect for dresses, tops, and tees. Wear it to garner attention and look pretty when you go out on a date.


  • - Rose gold filled textured chain- many length available
  • - Rose gold filled lobster clasp
  • - Rose fold heart shape druzy connector

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