Perfect, Whole and Complete: Rainbow Moonstone Gold Necklace

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $199.00

This ethereal divine feminine necklace accessory is the epitome of grace and beauty. The sparkling gold chain weaves delicately through twinkling, gold sequins giving the necklace a playful and intriguing look. The chain holds onto an angelic gold textured ring, that, like the rings of saturn, encircles the main attraction: the exquisite rainbow moonstone. This oval-shaped faceted moonstone is bracketed by pretty gold beads, completing this special necklace.

We chose the mystical and beautiful moonstone for it’s many benefits. In ancient times, people used to believe that it contained parts of the moon because of its glimmering appearance. Like it’s namesake, the moonstone is believed to provide strength and calmness to its wearer, and is thought to inspire tranquility in the body and mind.

The moonstone has healing properties that work like how the moon controls tides; it balances ones emotional and physical state. In particular, it’s linked with feminine energy! It reduces PMS and helps with infertility, as well as balancing hormones during pregnancy and childbirth. It’s balancing nature washes away negative energy and inspires creativity in an individual.

And what better way to benefit from this other-worldly stone than placing it close to your body in a lovely, feminine necklace!


  • Materials: 14K gold filled wire and lobster clasp .
  •  Chain: Gold circle disc chain.
    • Electro-plated nickel-free
    • 100% lead safe
    • Solid hypoallergenic
    • Protective e-coating layer.
  • Chain length: 16"-20" available, choose length
  • Gemstone: Faceted Rainbow Moonstone and 14k gold filled beads.
  • Note: All gemstones are unique, allow for allow variation. 
  • Care Tips: Do not swim or bathe with this jewelry. Try not to spray perfume or rub lotions on this product as it could mar the finish. To clean, use gentle hand soap and warm water. Pat dry with a paper towel. Do not use jewelry cleaners or a jewelers cloth.