I Create My Life: Opal and Diamond Halo Necklace

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $425.00

The center of this stately necklace is the gorgeous opal. Opals are truly rare in their beauty owing to their mysterious, enchanting hues of color that make for a royal look, suggesting a slightly vintage, candlelit glamour.

It enhances self-worth, confidence, creativity, originality, and artistic abilities and brings one closer to their true potential. The stone brings lightness and spontaneity, much like its dancing glow of colors. Throughout history, Opals have been worn for their creative and expressive quality that induces cosmic consciousness and stimulates psychic and mystical visions.

Opal calms your nerves, leaving no room for anger and stress. This particular quality introduces the wearer to beautiful emotions like love, passion, desire, and loyalty. Opal also strengthens vision and memory. Wearing this regal gem accentuates the passionate side of an individual, with the dainty sterling silver chain clasping the dreamy opal, surrounded by lustrous, fiery diamonds that add to the ethereal image. This majestic necklace becomes you the moment you place it around your neck.

Diamonds are thought to represent power, courage, truth, strength, durability, and invincibility. They are also believed to promote clarity of thought, purity of heart, and the ability to see the truth. It makes sense to place the gem symbolic of things one would most want out of life in the hieroglyphic and spiritual symbol for life.

The delicate chain of interlocking shining silver shimmers like starlight, complementing the graceful opal.

The sterling silver leads to the enthralling circle carefully lined with starry diamonds surrounding the classic opal and captivates the eye with their mesmerizing, spectral reflections. This necklace is the definition of luxurious fashion.



  • Materials: Sterling silver chain and spring ring clasp
  • Chain length: 18" rope style chain
  • Gemstone: Opal 7mm and .03 Round Diamonds single cut, each opal is a unique, allow for a slight color variation.