photo of London Blue Quartz Topaz Gold Earrings

What You Seek is Seeing You: London Blue Quartz Topaz Gold Earrings

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $86.00

Looking for motivation, inspiration, love, loyalty, protection and a “jewel of all gems?" London Blue Quartz Topaz will do just that. They also deeply symbolize honesty and clarity of feelings. 

The Glorious Side of Blue! Blue Wonder, True to Blue, or Blue Magic? These are all perfect ways to describe these glorious gold marquise style wire wrapped earrings.  

Is blue your favorite color? Even if it isn’t, the moment you take a look at this pair of spectacular earrings, then blue will become your preferred shade. The denim blue gives off a cool vibe indeed that fascinate you in one go!


  • The blue color is marvelous, and it has been cut in such a way that the stone dazzles brilliantly under light. Your friends will be awed with your latest buy!
  • The stone has a deeper meaning as well – it can help you on spiritual levels as well. It produces a soothing effect upon the wearer, so it is easy to face stress and tension in life and move past it. The gemstone absorbs and boosts your natural energy, while aiding you to stay focused on your goals.
  • The earrings are super lightweight – unlike heavy pairs, it doesn’t cause any discomfort. You can wear it for a long time without any uneasiness.
  • They are versatile too – wear them to workout in, to yoga, in your jammies, put on with a beautiful gown, wear it at your best friend’s wedding, proudly flaunt it at a black-tie event with your husband, or rock it with a short dress while hitting the club with your gal pals!
  • Wire wrapping is done in 14k gold which truly makes the blue stone stand out. The wire wrapping also keeps the stones firmly attached, so don’t worry about them becoming loose.
  • French style ear wire makes for sleek look.