The Soul's Journey: Trillion Cut Labratorite Silver V-Style Earrings

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $69.00

It’s hard to describe the tranquil beauty of labradorite. This striking stone with its myriad hues can steal your heart in a jiffy. We have for sure captured its beauty in these faceted labradorite earrings.

  • A combination of faceted trillion cut labradorite and a faceted mystic coated round labradorite stone wire wrapped in gold secure the stones  as well as give the earrings a striking and earthy look.
  • Labradorite provides support during periods of change elevating consciousness and stimulating intuition.  It is a protective stone forming a barrier against undesirable energies. Labradorite is excellent for our immune system. It has good protective powers and boosts our intuition. If you are going through a lot of changes in your life, these stones will be beneficial for you. .
  • The stones are attached to a v-shape fine silver earring frame that is super comfortable and lightweight.

Light and fashionable, choose these earrings to make a bold fashion statement. These special earrings are inspired by the determination and the powerful features that the stones have.

  • Faceted labradorite crystal gemstones
  • V-shape fine silver 33mm earring frame
  • Total length 2"