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FreedOm' Blue Quartz Crystal Chandelier Earrings

Rei of Light

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These elegant yet simple Blue Quartz Crystal Earrings feature deep dark denim blue quartz crystals. These fantastic stones are simply attached by a gold filled wrapped wire that goes onto the chandelier earring piece. The chandelier earring piece has been hand hammered to give a slim flattened textured look. The stone amplifies as well as focuses the energy level in your body. These Blue Quartz Crystal Earrings are simple yet very elegant. Truly made for any woman’s inner princess. Each crystal is cut into a beautiful heart shaped beauty. In the light they have been made to positively sparkle and catch anyone’s eye, making them a conversation piece. All of its components put together to make a truly unique earring profile. You can definitely find yourself wearing them to every charity event, special dinner you go out to, or maybe even around the house.
  • Dark blue denim quartz crystals
  • Attached with gold filled wrapped wire (even on part of the chandelier ear piece)
  • Gold filled chandelier ear pieces

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