New Beginnings, Courage and Wellness: Labradorite Gemstone Earrings

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $78.00

The Stone of Transformation, New Beginning, Courage, and Wellness. If these are areas that call for your attention, then these Labradorite earrings may just be the perfect healing stone you have been waiting for.

Mind, Body, Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Labradorite

Labradorite is considered a stone filled to the brim with mystical energy, but it's also a great stone when it comes to physical healing. Labradorite’s healing properties are all focused on tapping into your well of creativity, connection, and higher consciousness. The hues of color that shimmer throughout this beautiful and healing stone is a reminder of the powerful essence that resides within the each of us.  A great stone to assist with mental clarity and assists with decision making.

Labradorite assists with tapping into your own limitless potential, allowing one to manifest without boundaries. Labradorite helps shield against negativity around us or stagnant energy that we create within ourselves.  Through all the changing colors it reminds of us of the transformation process we go through during our lifetime. Labradorite is a stone of transformation.  Labradorite helpful in the journey to wellness. It also stimulates the throat chakra and is highly beneficial in supporting the immune system.

Light and fashionable, choose these earrings to make a bold fashion statement. These special earrings are inspired by the  powerful features that the stones have.

  • Faceted trillion cut labradorite crystal gemstones
  • V-shape gold 33mm earring frame
  • Approx. Length 2" from top tip of earring frame
  • Note: Every gemstone is unique so allow for slight variation in color

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