New Beginnings: Amethyst Mixed Metal Necklace

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $69.00

New Beginnings is a beautiful amethyst mixed metals necklace from Rei of Light Jewelry. Amethyst provides protection and balance during transition periods while assisting with positive transformation. Crystals always bring positive energy into life.

Amethyst as the focal point enhances ones creative energy, promotes harmony and confidence. The adjoining round amethyst piece is attached to a textured antique copped ring and stands out nicely in this necklace.

Connect to the powerful goddess energy with our stunningly beautiful amethyst necklace! This will for sure make for a great gift for a friend, co-worker, partner or family member. It’s difficult to say no to such dazzling beauty and so  order today.

  • We believe in making the stones stand out and grab maximum attention. Hence, the stone is wrapped in rose gold wire to add to its look and value.
  • An antique copper accent piece sits between the two stones
  • Antique copper/brass chain and lobster clasp
  • Note: Chain length measurements are chain, end to end, therefore the drop portion where the stones hang will make the necklace longer. 

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