Mind, Body, Spirit: Labradorite Protection and Life Enhancing Earrings

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $105.00

Luxury jewelry for a luxurious woman. Get your hands on these fabulous trillion-cut labradorite earrings that are so popular. These earrings achieve perfection in design with their unique wire wrapping. This is an incredibly textured and detailed pair that is set on marquise-shaped components. The delicate touch of French ball ear wire and hammered frame lend an air of sophistication and glamour to the design, making these stunning earrings a beautiful addition to any outfit.

Labradorite is a powerful symbol of femininity and are often associated with goddess-like attributes, so they're perfect for any woman who wants to represent her inner goddess. This gemstone has been used to enhance intuition and provides clarity of thought.

Labradorite is a stone full of mystical energy. Still, it's also an excellent stone for grounding in when it comes to physical healing. From supporting all aspects of the body, mind and spirit this gemstone promotes general health and well-being, prompting you to breathe deeply and say yes to the gift of life.

Labradorite is associated with shamanism, mysticism, and magic. It’s a great tool and stone for healers and those looking to go deeper into their truest self.  

This pair of earrings will have people stopping you in your tracks to compliment you on their beauty. The hues of color create such a mystical and striking look. Get these exquisite earrings to transform your look by adding a touch of magic and mystery!


  • Materials: 14K gold filled marquise component, wire, french ball ear wire
  • Earring length: Approx 2 1/2"
  • Gemstone: Faceted Trillion Cut Labradorite
  • Note: Every gemstone is unique, allow for slight variation

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