Agate, Pyrite, Onyx, Jasper, Turquoise Bracelet

Feel the Love : Agate, Pyrite, Onyx, Jasper, Turquoise Bracelet

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Feel the Love Around You!

You don’t need an occasion to gift yourself something special. Clueless what to buy your girl on her birthday? Anniversary round the corner? This bracelet truly signifies the meaning of “Love is all Around You” – present it to a loved one and your thoughtful gesture is sure to be appreciated and the gift cherished.


  • As the center stone, we have used a pyrite nugget – the shine reflects the sophisticated beauty of this wristlet. The gemstone chases away confusion, sheds light and clarifies mental processes. You can take better decisions and get back full control of your life.
  • Faceted turquoise scores with its brilliant blue-green hues, which wonderfully blend with the pyrite. The stone enhances energy in the Throat Chakra, thus supporting expression of true emotion. It can balance all chakras and firmly establishes that you are responsible for your happiness. The bracelet should be worn during trips as turquoise gives special protection to travelers.
  • Impression jasper roundels emit a variety of tan and crimson matrix colors that form a thrilling contrast against other colors. It is used to find inner peace and clarity.
  • Pink crazy lace agate stones dramatically increase aesthetic appeal of the bracelet due to their bright color – they are particularly eye-catching against black onyx and turquoise. The stone inspires softness, grace, loyalty, and reliability, while stimulating spiritual growth too.
  • Negative energies are warded off thanks to black onyx. The protective gemstone has powerful grounding characteristics, so it can absorb unwanted vibrations and let positive energies through. It boosts concentration, stimulates thinking and logic and encourages better decision making.
  • Record vinyls have been used as spacers so each gemstone stands out prominently.
  • The quaint little heart charm is the ideal finishing touch – it symbolizes love, passion, and affection.
  • Gemstones used here are of AAA grade, which guarantee longevity, so you can rest assured the appearance of this bracelet won’t be tainted for years to come.

You don’t need an occasion to gift something special to loved ones, right? What are you waiting for? Place your order soon!


  • Gemstones: Pyrite, impression jasper, crazy lace agate, turquoise, and black onyx.
  • Spacers: Record vinyl.
  • Embellishments: Heart-shaped silver charm.
  • Sizing: Stretches up to a 7.5 inch wrist using Stretch Magic stringing material for strength and flexibility.

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