Elevate Your Energy: Labradorite Circular Necklace

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $88.00

Get support to accept change and usher in a bright future. Change is the only thing constant in this world but often we are not ready to accept it. We are apprehensive of the future and hence resist change. We need to realize that only through change we can achieve our dreams and lead a more meaningful life.

We offer a beautiful necklace with natural labradorite to provide support during periods of change. With the natural healing powers of labradorite, you can embrace change and propel ahead in life.

A faceted trillion cut labradorite forms the focal point of this necklace. It will keep you protected against undesirable energies. It will elevate consciousness and boost your intuition so that you can accept change more readily. Wear this necklace to harness the power of natural stone that can heal you while giving you strength and courage.

The labradorite stone is fixed with a rose gold bead along with a brass textured ring wrapped with wire. These earthly elements give the necklace a unique character.

Elevate Your Journey with the Mystique of Labradorite

Labradorite comes with lots of hues and we have exploited that to craft this necklace. The faceted labradorite rondelle stone completes the necklace. These stones will support your immune system and keep you strong as you go through the transitional periods.

 The antique copper textured chain is dainty but durable and strong. The lobster clasp ensures security.

This delightful labradorite necklace is what you need to make a unique fashion statement. Crafted to perfection with the natural and original stones strung in an antique bronze chain, this is a must-have for your wardrobe. The necklace is ideal for casual outings so that you can dazzle everyone with its beauty and elegance.

With such a stunning look and impressive benefits, the necklace offers value for your money. So, order it today so that you can welcome a bright future for yourself.