photo of London Blue Quartz and Black Spinel Teardrop Earrings

Into the Mystic: London Blue Quartz and Black Spinel Teardrop Earrings

Rei of Light

  • $90.00

Add these gorgeous "Into the Mystic” teardrop earrings to your jewelry box and you will always be in the center of attention, no matter if you are at a movie or at dining at a classy restaurant!

A pair of earrings is one of the necessary pieces of jewelry for a woman.  These beauties can be worn on a daily basis or when attending classy events. They can be combined with almost every outfit because they represent the chic and modern woman.  Beauty and style come hand in hand with spirituality and inspirational thoughts.

The mystic blue quartz crystal is a faceted teardrop shape and a small detail that catches the eye is the black spinel stone that has been added at the top of the blue teardrop crystal. The black spinel stones add a touch of mystery to the teardrop earrings, being placed along the side of the earring and the gold wire is wrapped individually around each piece. The spinel stone has the role of energizing the body and the mind, creating a positive outlook. Quartz is one of the most commonly known stones in the world, having a lot of benefits, like offering protection, releasing negative energies and bringing in peace and harmonizing energies. Let yourself be charmed by the mystic world and discover all of the beautiful elements that were missing from your jewelry collection.

  • Flat teardrop marquee shape 38x16
  • Mystic blue faceted teardrop shape quartz crystal
  • Black faceted 3mm spinel stones
  • Gold filled teardrop earring frame is gold filled
  • Ear wire is gold filled