Inhale, Exhale, Trust: Labradorite Gemstone Necklace

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $73.00

The ever-shifting, kaleidoscopic hues of the labradorite makes this necklace a beauty that’s one of a kind. The central stone is reminiscent of a starry night and is paired with the classic silver, with smaller labradorite gemstones set on one side in an imperfectly perfect asymmetrical design.

The expertly cut, faceted labradorite with lots of blue flash paired with the dainty sterling silver chain has a rather elegant look, going with every color on your outfit, it becomes the center of attention; captivating the eye as it reflects light at every angle.

The mystical colors of the crystals contain a depth of healing properties that work with the crown and third eye chakras. Within its rich hues comes the ability to lose your anxieties and tension, and unwind. It is the stone of new beginnings, change and transformation and gives its wearer confidence. In addition, Labradorite stone is especially known for its bright effect on spiritual growth and getting in touch with the deeper meaning of who you are at a soul level.

Did you know that Labradorite possesses regulating energies to strengthen the immune system? Yes, this healing gemstone carries amazing qualities and beauty.

This sophisticated yet delicate necklace can be given to your loved one to celebrate a special day. It makes for a thoughtful and meaningful gift with the myriad healing properties contained in its delicate design and will make anyone feel cherished!


  • Materials: Sterling silver chain, wire & lobster clasp
  • Chain length: 16"- 22"- choose your length
  • Gemstones: Faceted labradorite center stone and small round labradorite stones 
  • Note: Every gemstone is unique-allow for slight variation