I'm at Peace: Peacock Blue Quartz Crystal Positivity Necklace

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $87.00

This exquisite soulful, higher conciseness, vibrational necklace combines the alluring, cool blue quartz with the warm, inviting gold to make a necklace fit for a royal.

The main detail is the peacock blue quartz cut in a faceted trillion shape. The lustrous green-blue of the quartz gives depth to the necklace. To add more intrigue and beauty, the small mystic blue quartz in a simple yet elegant rondelle shape are added to perfectly compliment the center stone. The luxurious gold chain brings everything together in harmony and a trusty lobster clasp secures the necklace.

The peaceful blue Quartz interfaces most importantly to your throat chakra and third eye chakra. It's the stone of your higher self, invigorating you to continually develop spiritually. The cool and calming blue quartz is a throat Chakra stone that encourages creativity, correspondence, and the ability to express yourself. It is an ideal stone to safeguard from pessimism and its orienting properties softly usher you to let go of your fears. This stone offers trust, satisfaction, and harmony as it lifts the spirit up from gloom.

The blue crystal quartz has strong healing properties, a contrast to its delicate and genuine blue tone. It is known to actuate and purify all of your chakras. Another benefit, is the enhancement of mental clarity. It can help with emotional stability and is popular in meditation and restorative work.

It's also often used for manifestation and can help create more focus and clarity around a desire. It is a protective stone on a cellular level with the serene azure hues of the crystal helps balance hormones in your body and improve the immune system.


  • Materials: 14k gold filled chain, wire & lobster clasp
  • Chain length: 16"- 22"- choose your length
  • Gemstones:  Trillion cut, faceted peacock blue quartz and mystic blue quartz
  • Note: Each gemstone is unique, allow for some variation