I Trust The Process of Life: Quartz Crystal &, Bronzite Stretch Bracelet

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $79.99

From balancing your mind, body, and spirit to improving your stamina and boosting courage, find the conviction to be yourself. Self-healing natural stones can help us to augment our consciousness. 

Inhale confidence, exhale doubt and trust the process of life. That's the message of the bronzite crystal, especially when you wear this stone on a daily basis. A protective warrior stone, the bronzite crystal meaning is associated with boosting self-confidence and infusing the spirit with the courage to follow through on actions. When it comes to life's biggest challenges, bronzite gives you the courage and self-confidence to take the ups and downs of life in stride. Keep it by your side and use its support to weather the storm. 

Clear Quartz is known to be the most popular crystal for healing.  Its nickname is the "master healer."  It is used to cleanse, focus and amplify energy levels in the body. Powerful stone for protection and to diffuse negativity.  It helps to realign and focus the mind, body and spirit toward clear goals.  Harmonizes all the chakras.

The focal point of the bracelet is the three chunky faceted quartz crystals to make this a striking bracelet. Small gold spacers are placed between each stone to enhance the entire look.

This bracelet goes well stacked with any of our stacking bracelets or looks great just on its own. So what are you waiting for? Place your order immediately. 


Stretch Magic is used to string the original gemstones which is durable, strong, and stretchable. Bracelet will fit a small wrist and stretch up to up to a 7.5” wrist. If you need very small or larger please place a comment when ordering.