I Bring Peace Wherever I Go: Blue Chalcedony Silver Necklace

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $69.00

A statement necklace is essential to complete a satisfactory outfit and we believe that this one will elevate all of yours! This intricate and detailed necklace plays with a striking combination of blue and silver. Where the blue of the stones is eye-catching and versatile, representing tranquility, the silver compliments it as a mirror into your soul, representing purity, clarity and strength. The coherence amongst these two is gratifying to the eye.

The blue hexagon chalcedony is the perfect stone, chosen especially for you. Much like the rich depth of its colors, this crystal has a so much meaning. This peaceful blue stone supports and cleanses your mind and soul.

Chalcedony instills a sense of belonging and encourages kindness and generosity toward others. Encourages inner reflection and harmonizes the physical, emotional and mental body with the spiritual self.  Chalcedony encourages the ability to listen and understand others and to express oneself correctly as it stimulates the throat chakra.  

This exquisite necklace has layers of details from the central accent silver ring to the silver beads adjacent to the crystal, from the smaller stones to the larger stones. Each element of this necklace has been designed to perfection, to make you feel like a star. The dazzling mystic blue quartz shines brightly, as they bring about awareness and spiritual growth.

Quartz is a stone of harmony, healing, protection and assists in forming amicable relationships.

This necklace will not only make you look like captivating, but accentuate your soul and leave you feeling exuberant.


  • Materials: Sterling silver chain, wire and lobster clasp
  • Chain length: 16"- 20" available, choose length
  • Gemstones: Blue chalcedony and Blue Quartz
  • Note: All gems are unique- allow for slight variation