I Am Strong: Jasper- Ruby-Zoisite

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $79.99

This bracelet is a remarkable addition to your jewelry box. It is great for those who prefer earth tones and contrasts with bright colors to counterbalance – this piece is an eclectic blend of various gemstones and embellishments, which merge to create a gorgeous bracelet that will portray your amazing sense of fashion. With this handcrafted bracelet combining many healing stones you are sure to grab the attention of your friends.  

The Ruby Zoisite is a stone that’s heart-based, and it will foster positive feelings in your life. Your happiness, passion, satisfaction, and security will be amplified, while feelings of jealousy, insecurity, bitterness, and resentment will be dispelled.

This stone is an emotional healer that will calm your heart during times of stress or pain. Ruby Zoisite will inspire you to have more empathy for others. You will have more compassion, endurance, and gentleness, and you will also enjoy a stronger sense of belonging.

Picture Jasper will give you a sense of your own person power. It will emphasize that you can achieve anything you want and accomplish your financial goals by believing in what you can do.

The healing energies of Picture Jasper can bring gradual physical strength and renewed vitality. Picture Jasper will also give you a sense of security and stability. Even if everything is happening so fast, you will not lose your bearings, and you will be able to keep a handle on things.

The combination of stones will stimulate feelings of appreciation for all that you have in your life. Be sure to check out the OM charm -The word OM is very powerful, this single word can produce powerful and positive vibrations which allows you to feel connected to the whole universe.


Stretch Magic is used to string the original gemstones which is durable, strong, and stretchable. Bracelet will fit a small wrist and stretch up to up to a 7.5” wrist. If you need very small or larger please place a comment when ordering.