I am Powerful: Self Love Bracelet

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $84.00

Choose me if you are looking for some good luck! Rei of Light Jewelry designed the perfect bracelet for you.

Charoite is a stone of power. It’s also a transformation stone that will inspire you to be the best version of yourself. It will encourage you to use your personal power and follow your intuition. It will inspire you to be of service to others. Its energy will encourage you to give more of yourself to others, especially those who are in need of your unique gifts and abilities.

This stone creates the perfect combination of energies. When it works with your higher chakras, you are also taking big and bold steps in your own spiritual journey.

Charoite will give you the courage to start over after a personal or professional loss. It will give you the emotional support to regroup, rethink, and re-strategize. The energies of the Charoite stone will help you overcome the most difficult professional or financial challenges.

Charoite is also a powerful talisman for acceptance and letting go. Problems will always pop up, and the grounding and centering energies of this stone will help you stay on top of things. Charoite will attract good luck and success. It will give you a clear vision of your goals and how you are going to make your dreams happen.

The textured bold puffed bead is the focal point of this radiant bracelet. The combination of the gold and the purple is striking.


Stretch Magic is used to string the original gemstones which is durable, strong, and stretchable. Bracelet will fit a small wrist and stretch up to up to a 7.5” wrist. If you need very small or larger please place a comment when ordering. If larger than 7" there will be a charge for additional stones.

This bracelet goes well stacked with any of our stacking bracelets or looks great just on its own. So what are you waiting for? Place your order immediately. 

Please note: All stones are natural so each one is unique in nature. Expect some variation.