Crystal pet collar for animals

Healing Crystal Pet Tag Collar for Animals

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $139.00

Introducing our exquisite Pet Tag Collar adorned with carefully selected crystals, each one lovingly chosen to not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also provide unique healing benefits for your beloved furry companion. Crafted with precision and care, this custom-made collar is designed to reflect both style and wellness for your pet.

At the heart of this collar lies a harmonious blend of seven powerful crystals:

1. **Malachite**: Known as the stone of transformation, Malachite is believed to protect and heal, promoting emotional balance and inner peace for your pet. This is a great stone to support all the organs.

2. **Rhodonite**: Renowned for its calming properties, Rhodonite is said to soothe anxiety and promote emotional healing, making it perfect for pets prone to stress.

3. **Rose Quartz**: A symbol of love and compassion, Rose Quartz is thought to strengthen the bond between pet and owner while fostering feelings of comfort and security. A beneficial stone for cancer support and healing.

4. **Black Onyx**: With its grounding energy, Black Onyx provides stability and strength, offering protection against negative influences and promoting resilience in your pet. This an an excellent stone for dementia, confusion and sundown syndrome.

5. **Carnelian**: Harnessing the vibrant energy of the sun, Carnelian is believed to boost vitality and courage, encouraging playfulness and vitality in your pet's life. This stone supports kidney function.

6. **Purple Fluorite**: This crystal is associated with mental clarity and focus, supporting cognitive function and helping your pet stay alert and attentive. This an an excellent stone for dementia, confusion and sundown syndrome.

7. **Labradorite**: Known as the stone of magic, Labradorite is said to enhance intuition and psychic abilities, fostering a deeper connection with your pet's instincts.

Each crystal is carefully handpicked and integrated into the lightweight design of the collar, ensuring maximum comfort for your pet during everyday wear. Whether they're lounging at home or exploring the great outdoors, your furry friend will feel the gentle presence of these healing stones.

Embrace the beauty and wellness benefits of our Pet Tag Collar with Crystals, a thoughtful accessory that not only complements your pet's style but also nurtures their overall well-being. Because they deserve nothing but the best.

Each collar is unique and made specifically for YOUR pet. They can be sized according to the size of your pet. All gemstones are natural so please allow for slight variations in color.