Centered: Labradorite Necklace

Rei of Light

  • $85.00

Ready to Journey into the Land Of Magic and Mystery?

Jewelry is all the more coveted if it is both gorgeous and has a special meaning. The name “Centered” is an epitome of the aspects we have incorporated into the concept – it is centered on beauty and spirituality. This necklace is available in 2 different designs, so you can select the one that you feel matches with your tastes.

The centerpiece:

Each necklace comes with 3 faceted Labradorite rondelle gemstones of AAA grade, which is the best quality you can get.

The random shape of the stones brings out the blue, green, purple, and tan hues perfectly when exposed to light and imparts an attractive aura to the design. The stone is well-known for its mystical properties. It offers powerful support during times of change and transition, thus elevating consciousness and stimulating intuition. It acts as a shield to repel all negative energy and strengthens your immune system too. 

Brushed wavy spacers on their own might not have much value, but they lend a wholesome appeal to jewelry pieces. As you can see, there are two kinds of spacers here – gold filled and sterling silver for the gold filled and silver chains respectively. The gemstones are further accentuated due to the spacers.

The chain:

To cater to all preferences, we have included two chains that are 17 inches long. The design of each chain isn’t fancy but it stands out due to subtlety. 

Sleek chain made of premium grade sterling silver. It is simple and charming.

Double chain that is both in gold filled and sterling silver.

This labradorite necklace is apt for those who prefer the minimalist approach when it comes to jewelry rather than go over the top with gaudy pieces. It can make a lovely gift as well for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers, holidays, and so on. Let your life be centered around positive thoughts, success, and contentment - why wait? Orders yours now!


Chain Type: Gold filled and sterling silver.
Length: 17 inches. This necklace looks very nice sitting short at the collarbone.
Stones: Faceted labrodite rondelles.
Spacers – Wavy spacers in gold filled and sterling silver.

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