Blessed, Guided and Loved: Morganite and Rainbow Spinel Rose Gold Earrings

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $69.00

Adorning your ears with these dream-like earrings is the definition of treating yourself well.

These luxurious earrings features an expertly cut, multi-faceted morganite.  A graceful rose gold wire elegantly secures the morganite and twists upward to introduce small, mystic rainbow spinel gemstones and then continues to weave delicately through sublime rose-gold circles. Every detail of these dainty, classic, charming ear accessory is meticulously chosen and put together to compliment the divine morganite gem and of course, you.

Morganite's sweet peach and pink tones, looking like the sky at first beams of dawn, warms ones heart and brings the spirit closer to understanding the endlessness of the universe. It is known as a gem of heavenly love and scrubs the brain of dark thoughts in lieu of better ones that gently guide you towards the realization of love, both receiving and giving, for yourself and others.

The gentle energy that comes with the soft hues of morganite calms anxiety, clears stress and motivates you to heal old, stinging wounds and traumas. Not only does it draw in to the wearer an overflow of adoration but it also stimulates the heart chakra.

You can trust this compelling crystal with matters of the heart! And together with the stately rose-gold and the pretty rainbow spinels, you can trust this earring accessory to make you look good too!


  • Gemstones: Morganite and Rainbow Mystic Spinel
  • Materials: 14k rose gold filled wire, rose gold french ball ear wire and circle disc chain
  • Note: Each stone is unique, all for slight variation. 
  • Earring length: Approx 2"