Free to Fly: Star Child- Boho Stacking Bracelet

Free to Fly: Star Child- Boho Stacking Bracelet

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Experience the Beauty "Free to Fly"

This bracelet is so named as it comprises the myriad elements you get to see in a lotus flower – the effect is just marvelous. It contains a splash of hues on one end of the piece, while the other transcends into the semi-darkness and eventually into complete obscurity as day becomes night. The bracelet is made with magnesite, wood bead, impression jasper, rose quartz, coconut shell, black onyx, and round lava rock.


  • The bright blue color of magnesite sets the perfect tone as the centerpiece. This gemstone induces a calming effect to your emotions, thus soothing stress and tension. It lends support to those who are nervous by helping them overcome irritability and fear. It even brings grounding to the intellect and helps to recognize unconscious thoughts and feelings, so you develop a positive attitude towards life.
  • Record vinyl embellishments are added as spacers, while other gemstones like impression jasper, rose quartz, and black onyx are interestingly used in roundels.
  • The wood bead incorporates a rusty element – it gives off an earthy vibe, which is a great symbolization of twilight.
  • Rose quartz catches your eye with its fair and gentle pink essence – it is apt to be known as the stone of heart since it carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort.
  • Impression jasper merges into various hues – it is a mix of tan and crimson matrix colors, which impart a lovely contrast to any shade. This gemstone is popular for helping to find clarity and inner peace.
  • Black onyx is present in both smooth and matte forms – it has steady grounding properties, while being able to banish negative energies. It boosts concentration power, thinking, and logic.
  • Lava stone rock also helps to ground and calm the emotions – it is believed to be a rebirth stone and aids in moving past unneeded layers of emotional attachment.
  • The silver ball bead might be small in size, but in no way is its significance any less – it is a subtle finishing touch.

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  • Stones: Magnesite, impression jasper, black onyx, rose quartz, coconut shell and lava rock.
  • Spacers: record vinyl spacers.
  • String Material: Stretch Magic which offers strength and flexibility.
  • Size: Standard size fits up to 7.5 inch wrist. May be made smaller or larger upon request.