Fearless Necklace: Blue Chalcedony

Fearless Necklace: Blue Chalcedony

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I will be donating the proceeds from sales to The Korn Family(Jamie, a best girlfriend and husband Eric and 11 year old son Brennan) to help them with expenses they are now incurring due to their 6 year old daughter, Bridget being diagnosed with bone cancer. (no coupon codes allowed or free shipping)

This necklace is for kids too. Wear your necklace to support Bridget and be FEARLESS with her. Once your order is received and processed the proceeds will go directly to the family.

Here is a little bit about her.

Bridget, is 6 years old.  SIX.

Her nickname is SCOOCH...

She is a beautiful little soul that is equal parts smart, spunky and sporty.  And, she gives a great side eye.  

She's a little sister, a daughter, a friend and a teammate.  

She loves to play soccer.  

She loves to wrestle with her brother Brennan and all her boy cousins.  She's the only girl in a rough, tough group of boy grandkids, but she holds her own.  

She'll hold her own now too.  

See, cancer doesn't see age -- because, she's only 6.  If cancer saw age -- or knew what was good for it...it would have picked a different little girl.  

Bridget was diagnosed on Friday (2/2) with an osteosarcoma.  About a week prior she had leg pain that her mom and dad (Jamie and Eric Korn) thought was related to a recent injury.  Thus far she has had an MRI and a bone biopsy both confirming her diagnosis of osteosarcoma on her tibia, above the ankle. 

The plan to date is for 11 weeks of chemo, then surgery, recovery from surgery and then 22 more weeks of chemo. Prayers are the most important parts of these fights, but we must pay for the medicine to heal Bridget.  The goal is to be cancer free!

No one plans for this...emotionally, mentally, physically nor financially. 

About the Stone and Product Details:

Blue Chalcedony instills a sense of belonging and encourages kindness and generosity toward others.  Blue Chalcedony is great for promoting a sense of peace, joy, self-nurturing and balance. Chalcedony helps to relieve one of negative emotions, bringing a greater sense of overall happiness into one's life.

Each stone color emits a calming blue color that can be worn with a variety of earrings and other jewelry.

This simple and elegant Blue Chalcedony necklace takes advantage of the stones ability to go with anything. The slight weight of this stone feels good around the neck. The stone is cut to showcase its simple clarity and beauty.

  • The chain may be dainty but it is quality and allows for the centerpiece to be the focal point. Rest assured there will be no discoloration or fading of the polish and luster for a long time.
  • We have incorporated a lobster clasp for sturdiness, so the necklace stays securely around your neck.
  • If you aren’t a fan of silver, you may request this piece in all gold filled instead.

This is a great necklace to stack with other necklaces. Be and be prepared to receive compliments and queries about your new necklace. 


  • Stone: Blue Chalcedony faceted heart shape
  • Chain Type: Sterling silver or by request in gold filled (additional cost) 
  • Clasp: Sterling silver lobster clasp

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