photo of Copper Turquoise Simplicity Necklace

Keep it Simple : Copper Turquoise Simplicity Necklace

Rei of Light Jewelry

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Sometimes we just need to "Keep it Simple."

Copper turquoise is a fascinating stone. Of course, this piece draws your focus towards the gemstone. These stones are made by crumbling turquoise and adding copper to it. Thus, the stones get the copper impressions which add to their appeal.

 The sky-blue color of the copper turquoise is striking. It catches attention and with the shape of the turquoise pieces to create a unique set of jewelry The combination of these colors creates a glorious kaleidoscope.

Copper turquoise is an emblem of wealth and is accepted as the oldest charm of protection. In various past cultures it is believed that this gemstone keeps the being in connection with the psychic sensitivity and spirit world.

This stone helps dispels negative energy and is said to be a purification stone. It instils inner calm and by balancing all the chakras it stabilizes the mood swings. Turquoise is perhaps the oldest stone in human history, the talisman of kings, shaman, and warriors.

 Turquoise has many healing and mystical qualities. Turquoise is a must have possession when traveling. 

 Heals and Balances Chakra

Copper Turquoise aid you to manifest clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities as it has strong effect within the throat chakra. This stone helps the wearer to balance his male and female aspects. The distinct vibration of copper turquoise within third eye chakras allows the wearer to access his past life knowledge. Copper Turquoise reverberates with the energy of truth, wisdom, and forthrightness.

If a shy person wears this stone, they will contribute more to conversations with value and validity. This stone enhances creativity and creative problem solving because it radiates its energy to sacral or navel chakra. This stone reinforces that heart-based energy and is powerful within the heart chakra, it always makes sure that the love energy flows all the way through to the things done.

Spiritual Healer

The protection vibration of this stone is very reassuring, it will take the wearer into the deep meditative state quite quickly and protect from all the negative energies flowing. It is said to filter the fifth element and to harmonize and invigorate the body. The spiritual action enables the body to ascend and reach at a higher frequency by creating an aura field all around. Being in a great resonance with the third eye chakra it enhances the birth gift of a human soul by developing his intuition.

It is no false to say that it is a stone of Purification, Protection, Balance, Friendship, Love and last but not least of Positive thinking.

We have used gold filled wire to wrap the turquoise stone and a dainty, simple but sturdy gold filled chain to give this necklace a striking look. The  shape of the turquoise makes it catch attention easily. You can wear it in your sweats or out fine dining.

This is a great necklace to stack with other necklaces. Be and be prepared to receive compliments and queries about your new necklace. What are you waiting for? Place your order today! You can explore some matching earrings with the same stone offered in our earring collection or with many other earring options, like INNER BEAUTY matching earrings and a bracelet too. 


    • The chain may be dainty but it is quality and allows for the centerpiece to be the focal point. Rest assured there will be no discoloration or fading of the polish and luster for a long time.
    • We have incorporated a lobster clasp for sturdiness, so the necklace stays securely around your neck.
    • If you aren’t a fan of gold, you may request this piece in all sterling silver instead.


    • Stone: Copper Turquoise heart 10-12mm stone
    • Chain Type: Gold filled or by request in sterling silver.

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