Aloha Hanalei: Colorful Stone Stacking Bracelet

Aloha Hanalei: Colorful Stone Stacking Bracelet

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Appreciate the Gorgeousness!

This bracelet is a remarkable addition to your collection. It is great for those who prefer dark colors and heavy contrasts – this piece is an eclectic blend of various gemstones and embellishments, which merge to create a gorgeous bracelet that will portray your amazing sense of fashion. It is made with a beautiful and colorful combination of purple crazy lace agate stones, lava rock and an eye catching piece of pyrite in the center.  Vintage record vinyl pieces and black lava rondelles look great together as they add add the right touch of color in between to make the energy flow through this bracelet. Don’t miss the cute little silver heart charm that dangles when you wear this piece of jewelry.

Some of the most beautiful coastline in the world is the inspirations for the Hanalei Hawaii bracelet, which is more than just a state of mind that exists on the Hawaiian coastline. There is no hustle and bustle, and the only sounds you will near is the ones mother nature is making. When the sun goes down, the moon and the stars are what lights your way; their light illuminating the dense summer fog that wraps your like a warm blanket and nuzzles you close.

No matter where in the world you are if you have the Hanalei bracelet on your wrist you will always have Zen at your fingertips.

As a designer I have tried to capture that peace and serenity into the Hanalei bracelet, so that when you wear it you will be transported to the Zen that is one of my favorite places.

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Specs and Features:

  • Lava rock soothes emotions and has very strong grounding properties as well as the banishment of negative energies from the environment. It helps to dispel negative thoughts and energies, and allows only good vibrations to get through. This gemstone increases concentration, stimulates thinking and logic and encourages better decision making.
  • Vintage record vinyl pieces and rondelles look nice as spacers – they add the right touch of color in between.
  • The purple crazy lace agate, apart from lending its enigmatic tones, protects you from emotional pain by balancing physical and mental abilities.
  • Pyrite is responsible for shedding light on confusion and clarifying mental processes – you get back control over life by taking the right decisions and course of action.
  • String Material: Stretch Magic to allow for strength and flexibility.
  • Size: Fits up to a 7.5 inches.
  • Silver heart charm