I often get asked about which crystals work best for cancer healing, are there different crystals for different types of cancers, and so on. Cancer comes in many shapes and forms and is actually the body’s way of letting us know we need to pay attention to something that we may or may not be doing. It may be due to the what foods are being consumed, the people we surround ourselves with, the products we put on or in our bodies, or simply the environment around us. Cancer can also develop due to the holding back of our energy, our creative power, the ‘real’ us that wants to do more, but feel we can not for whatever that reason may be. We hold back for so long that our body goes into a shut down mode slowly over time. Doing the thing you really want to do often comes to the forefront as the energy starts to flow into the right areas. DO IT!! Your body will thank you as it will feel free. More so than you’d think, even the slightest bit of changed effort will make the world of difference– kid you not.

If you are new to the healing crystals lifestyle, there are general crystals which will work for all types of cancer, which I would and have used as a basis, which are pictured below. What many do not know is that different parts of the body can use additional stones to target the area in order to boost the rebalancing of that said area as well.

Energetically, cancer is stagnant or blocked energy. As an energy worker and intuitive, it often appears black to me, where it should be light or a color. Healing crystals put light back into the body, targeting and opening the flow into the area where it needs it most. Stones as such that regenerate the cells, purify the mind/body, restructure DNA (so the diseased cells can go back to normal), create balance, and stabilize by grounding the healing energy into the person’s body.

When searching for which healing crystals to get your hands on, go with your intuition or gut— only you know yourself and what your body needs. Results are always dependent on the individuals’ actions, mindset, receptivity, and ability to engage with the flow of energy. Healing with crystals or any other modality is largely based on your intent— knowing and focusing on the outcome you desire, then being open, to allow the energy to flow through you.

My preferred choice of healing crystals are Selenite, Petalite, Malachite, Fluorite, Smoky Quartz, and Sugilite. These crystals are readily available and they work on all 4 levels of your energetic bodies: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical. They work diligently to restore balance within the energetic field aka the body. They can be placed on the affected site, kept in your pocket, or nearby.

My Top 6 crystals For Cancer are:

Selenite: The perfect crystal for bringing in the much needed healing. Selenites’ purifying white light has a natural ability to cleanse, purify, and create a working flow right through the entire energy system. It miraculously is able to dig right down into the DNA, allowing it to restructure and regenerate cells, thus working on tumor reduction and physical healing.

Smoky Quartz: One of its main properties is the ability to dissolve negative/emotional blockages which further allows positive energies to enter. It aligns the physical meridians, assists for balancing the bodies energy system, and is protective all whole grounding excess energy.
Malachite: A regenerative stone that works on blocked energy (this could be tumors), physical pain, and getting the flow moving through the body again. This is a very supportive stone for people going through chemotherapy.
Fluorite: This specific stone brings order and balance by eliminating disruptive, chaotic, and disorganized growth. Fluorite nourishes the physical body, purifying, cleansing, and restructuring the cell’s DNA. It is a protective stone that helps heal disease.

Petalite: Works on tumors/cellular regeneration. It is a protective stone that can soothe and smooth the aura, allowing total relaxation and peace to fill the individual in need. It initiates movement of stagnant energy creating an energy vortex where the crystal is placed, allowing for a stream of energy to continually flow into the area so it rebalances and helps stabilize the energy in the body.
Sugilite: A great all-rounder. It balances the mind, body, and spirit by opening the chakras and letting energy flow through them. It is a stone that cleanses and purifies— drawing healing energy into the body.

To add some personal insight, a dear friend of mine has a beautiful daughter named Bridget. Unfortunately, Bridget at 6 years old was diagnosed with bone cancer. The day after she was diagnosed I designed Bridget a bracelet with many of these stones. She wore them throughout her entire experience at St. Jude’s Hospital. I visited and brought her many crystals throughout her entire journey to help support her through her chemo, amputation, and countless other procedures. She kept them with her at all times as she also believed in the healing power of each crystal.

32 rounds of chemo and an amputated leg, she is now cancer free! As stated earlier in the text, results are always dependent on the individuals’ actions, mindset, receptivity, and ability to engage with the flow of energy. Control your mindset and positive results may reel in more often than you’d think.

In no way, shape, or form am I saying that crystals are the ultimate healer nor am I saying that medical treatment isn’t necessary. What I would like to emphasize is that using crystals during any tough journey you may be experiencing might help you get through it easier. If you have used or do use crystals to assist you in any aspect of your life, please feel free to share with us!

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