An Eclectic Mix of Beautifully Handcrafted, Spiritually Inspired Jewelry that Combines Gemstones, Crystals, and Earth Elements.

REI OF LIGHT JEWELRY offers a luxurious collection of crystal necklaces, earrings and bracelets along with leather cuffs and other bohemian designs. The handcrafted jewelry features original designs ranging from dainty to dramatic. Each piece emotes elegance and singularity through healing precious & semi-precious gemstones and natural, organic, rustic bohemian materials. The artistry combines a passion for unique and beautiful jewelry with a desire to bring positive light to others. Every design is handcrafted using the highest quality hand-picked gemstones. Whether dressed for a special occasion or for everyday wear, your REI OF LIGHT jewelry will offer a distinctive and eye-catching compliment to your look while highlighting your inner beauty.

We don't just make exquisite jewelry for only aesthetic enhancement. We are creating real items that don’t lose their value over time. We make jewelry for the mind, body, and soul. Discover your real you, get your inspiration from all the little and beautiful things that surround you. The REI OF LIGHT collections are spiritually propelled, powerful items and they have been manufactured by Brenda McDermott from her heart and from the desire to offer others the beautiful things that mother nature has to offer.

Our work is motivated by an altruistic intention to give radiance and healing to others through an artistic presentation in well-crafted jewelry. Every piece expresses elegance and uniqueness and is designed using healing precious and semi-precious gemstones and natural, organic and provincial bohemian materials. At Rei of Light Artistry, our craft emanates from a perfect blend of passion for unique and beautiful jewelry with a desire to positively impact the life of others. All our designs are carefully handcrafted and only gemstones of the most remarkable quality, which also carry healing properties, are hand-picked in the crafting process. Going at the office, on a walk through the park or a fancy party, wherever the day takes you, our jewelry will represent your style in any occasion!

REI OF LIGHT jewelry is an ideal choice for retail stores, spiritual retreat centers, boutiques, spas and yoga studios. Our collection of designs is always well received and we always welcome new wholesale customers. Remember, you are your own Rei of Light and all the things you do, become your inspiration and show your true self. You are beautiful, let everyone see that and open your heart to that Rei of Light who warms your heart!