Shadow of The Moon: Labradorite Necklace

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $430.00

An exquisite labradorite necklace to make you steal the show always

Here is a masterpiece that will take your breath away - a bright teardrop shape labradorite, faceted to sparkle with all the hues of color mixed with antique copper chains that will steal your heart with just one look.  The labradorite necklace with wire wrapping for a signature look is all that your wardrobe needs for a makeover.

  • The teardrop shape of the labradorite with its different hues of blue is a wonder on its own. Faceted to sparkle in full glory, this stone is the focal point of this gorgeous necklace.
  • The labradorite is wire wrapped with bronze to give it a signature and earthy look. An antique copper faceted bead attaches it to an antique copper textured ring which finally fixes it to an antique copper chain. These details make the necklace look so exquisite.
  • Wear this labradorite necklace to get protection from undesirable energies. The naturally healing stone will stimulate your intuition and provide support to embrace change. With the power of labradorite on your side, you can enjoy elevated consciousness.
  • We have added value and depth to the chain and enhanced its looks too with three faceted round labradorite on each side.
  • The necklace itself looks striking with the multiple chains running from the center that join with the center circles and then with the sides of the main chain.
  • Wear this beautiful creation when you want to make bold statements. Be yourself and show off your fashion sense in this high valued labradorite necklace.
  • The necklace also comes with a chain extender to adjust its length. Whether you are wearing a tee or a gown, customize the chain to bring out its beauty.
  • The lobster closure in antique copper adds value to the chain while making it safe and secure.
  • 16 or 17” standard length if you like a shorter choker style. Additional lengths available, inquire for price.  The stone will hang lower than the chain length approx. 1.75"

Labradorite is highly valued due to its properties. Enjoy its benefits by wearing this dazzling necklace. Be it daily wear or for special occasions, the necklace with its antique looks will always make you steal the show.

*Custom necklace, final sale

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