Earth and Fire "Embers Embrace": Hematite, Fire Agate, Shungite, Onyx Unisex Bracelet

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $155.00

Indulge in the captivating allure of our handcrafted masterpiece, the "Ember's Embrace" Bracelet. Imbued with the elemental energies of earth and fire, this exquisite piece is a testament to the beauty found in contrast and harmony.

At its core lies the majestic presence of Hematite, a stone revered for its grounding properties and protective shield against negative energies. With its deep, metallic luster, Hematite anchors you to the present moment, allowing you to navigate life's challenges with steadfast determination and unwavering resilience. Feel the weight of its energy as it roots you to the earth, providing a stable foundation from which to rise and thrive.

Intertwined with Hematite are the fiery hues of Orange Fire Agate, each bead pulsating with the intensity of a raging inferno. Like embers dancing in the darkness, these stones ignite a passion within, infusing your spirit with vitality and creativity. Marvel at the depth of color within each Agate bead, as if capturing the very essence of a blazing sunset or the flickering flames of a roaring bonfire. Let the warmth of their hues envelop you, igniting a sense of purpose and empowerment deep within your soul.

But the journey doesn't end there. Shungite, with its enigmatic allure and ancient origins, serves as a powerful cleanser of negative energies and electromagnetic radiation. As you wear "Ember's Embrace," feel the purifying vibrations of Shungite enveloping you, shielding your aura from external influences and restoring balance to mind, body, and spirit.

And amidst this symphony of earthy tones and fiery hues lies the timeless elegance of Black Onyx. With its velvety smooth texture and deep, obsidian sheen, Black Onyx exudes a sense of mystery and strength. It serves as a talisman of protection, guiding you through the shadows and empowering you to embrace the unknown with courage and confidence.

Completing the ensemble is a silver tribal closure piece, reminiscent of ancient symbols and sacred geometry. Its intricate design speaks to the interconnectedness of all things, weaving a tapestry of unity and harmony.

But beyond its exquisite craftsmanship and striking beauty, "Ember's Embrace" carries with it a profound spiritual meaning. It is a reminder of the delicate balance between light and darkness, passion and serenity, grounding and transcendence. As you adorn your wrist with this radiant masterpiece, you are invited to embrace the full spectrum of your being, honoring the depths of your emotions and the richness of your journey.

With "Ember's Embrace" gracing your wrist, you carry with you not just a piece of jewelry, but a sacred talisman that serves as a beacon of strength, courage, and transformation. Allow its elemental energies to awaken your inner fire, guiding you towards greater authenticity, purpose, and fulfillment.


Stretch Magic is used to string the original gemstones which is durable, strong, and stretchable. The stacking boho bracelet will is designed at 8" and will stretch to 8.5".  If you need very small or larger please place a comment when ordering. If a larger size is need there will be a nominal cost for additional stones.

Note: All gemstones are unique- allow for slight variations in color